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100 Day of My Youth(Day 41): A date with Death

It was almost the final game of the day and I had been so much inebriated and intoxicated with gallons of Guinness.

From the morning of the Rugby 7s that has been at Legends Rugby Grounds, I had spent the most of my time capturing a few images and being treated to lots of food and drinks in the VIP lounge. Everything was perfect and smooth to wrap up the day.

Moons and months ago, I was hired to do a gig at the Rugby Club as there was a 7s tournament that was held at Legends Rugby Ground. My role was to take photos and tweet and that was crowned off a VIP experience along with lots of food and drinks. Guinness!

Everything moved on as planned, I started getting tipsy and even then, I was happy that everything was on track. Fast paced, the games came by and went by. The Ugandan side made it to the finals and were taking this home by all means.

Hush, it was time for the last match, the finals and Uganda was taking on Madagascar in the finals. The boys had to be documented. Every action had to be captured and there I was, on the touch line with my camera ready to get each and every angle.

Clicks rocked, postures changed and chants roared through out the grounds. Uganda was leading and every touchdown and try was key to more and more jubilation.

Towards the end of the game, I sat near the barricades just on the touchline with jubilant fans right behind it. I clicked away on the dying minutes of the action and Phillip Wokorach was the talisman to watch and capture as he made the final run that would pronounce Uganda the winners of the tournament.

Boom, the touch was made and before I knew it, the fans broke through to the barricade that landed straight on my head as I sat by the touchline taking photos. I went from inebriated to unconsciousness.

All that came to my sanity at that time was losing control and falling to the ground. My camera left my grip as I fell to the ground and when I felt enormous pain occupying the whole of my body. It was intense, it was brutal.

I gained by consciousness while on the ambulance. It all looked like a movie, paramedics surrounding me and asking all sorts of questions. “Are you okay”, “Is anything broken?”, “Can you see?”, “can you breathe?” and much more that I don’t remember.

Tears filled my eyes, I could barely breathe, the pain was excruciating and all that came to my mind first was my camera. By my side, I could see my friend Lobster and my brother Edmund. Every scene was devastating. I knew I’d be pronounced dead at that moment but kept my faith.

That evening was gruesome to my memory but lucky enough, everything was intact. No bones broken, nothing torn, no internal bleeding. My family came through, the Lord Came through!

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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