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100 Day of My Youth (Day 70): On My Own

These past few weeks have really been an eye opener for me. Because learning never stops, the few days have taught me a bunch of things that I haven’t been able to come across and realize in a long time.

Everything from mainly my hustles, livelihood, actions, friends, family and much more has thrown a lot of things to learn from right in my paths. To be honest, I’ve not been surprised by some of these things while I’ve been extremely left flabbergasted by some of these scenarios & incidences.

In this short while, I’ve known who’ll be with me if I’m to ever find myself going down the drain.

I once said that we’re on our own out here and if we’re not haboruing our own selfish interests at heart, then we stand a risk of failure, betrayal and disappointment. I’m not calling for greed, no I’m not. I’m not urging anyone in a bid to live a good life to stumble on others or stab your peeps right in the back, no I’m not advocating for that.

Rather, I’m imploring you to put yourself first, I’m asking you to put you first in anything, love and cherish yourself before you throw it around to other people. However, when pursuing it, greed should not be in the equation, hate shouldn’t be part of it either!

Most importantly though you should know that you’re out here on your own. You need to do everything that it takes to get the Job done, the bills paid,live a better lifestyle, never be a squatter to anyone and be proud of yourself.

Be sure to be mocked, be sure to ridiculed, your hustle demeaned and critique, be sure to be In the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Don’t grudge, don’t tire going on and hard, don’t give up on whatever it is you started because someone thinks otherwise.

You’re on your own, none but you will have to pay your bills. None but you will have to own up to your responsibilities. Don’t expect anyone to pay your rent, anyone to feed you, anyone to do anything for you. You’re on your own and you need to start thinking & acting that way.

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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