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100 Days Of My Youth (Day 100): We triumphed!

Right now, joy owns my fingers, happiness takes over my soul, excitement fills up my heart and butterflies settle in my stomach on this last day of my journey. As I jot down the final blog of my series, I am filled up with animation and overwhelming elation. Today is special, I pushed myself to the limit and made it very far, for the first time, I took on a challenge that I didn’t imagine I would drag till the end and here it is….accomplished and this has made me proud of me.

About 100 days ago, I embarked on a journey to talk about my youthful life, to document each and every day of my life, talking about the things that I came across while adulting, the ones I am facing and those I hope to come across in the future. Because I was depressed at the time, I wanted to help myself and for the longest time possible, writing had been therapy to me. So I said to myself, start…just start payo, start writing today & go hard.

I’d always wanted to blog extensively and someday maybe do something that would challenge me and throw me into a frenzy to go all out with my writing craft. In the past few days, I’ve written about the ups, downs, highs, lows, setbacks, achievements, challenges, relationships, unemployment, depression, inspiration and much more about what I and any other average youth goes through on a daily to make ends meet and what not.

In these past few days, I opened up about the things I went through, those I go through on a daily and just about any lesson I’ve learnt growing up. It’s been such a thrilling journey, a tough one at that, a moving mountain, a thorn in my foot and above all a thorough test to my patience and resilience.

Without having the least idea, my friends came through, they often bought me some internet to blog more when I was strapped, folks shared, commented, critiqued, corrected and clapped for my stories. People gave me honest feedback, related and thanked me for the stories. You have been such an amazing crowd of avid readers towards this cause.

In all this hustle, I hope you pick something to give you hope, help you heal from what continues to pull you down and to motivate you to do something for yourself with inspiration from any of these 100 blogs.

It feels just like yesterday when I asked myself, why the f**k am I a Youth? In a blog and moons have raced by, dawns and dusks have come and gone and today marks the end of the journey but not road. As we go onwards and upwards, this moment will last for eternity.

Till we meet again folks, Cheers!

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