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100 Days of My Youth (Day 11): Hey, I have an Opportunity For You!

“Hey Man, are you available on Tuesday?, I have an opportunity for you. Can we meet at University Plaza at 11 am?” is the sweet calm question your friend will nicely ask you on a random day.

Humble and chilled as you maybe, it will spark you. You will murmur a few prayers, smile and tell your mum you’re finally getting a ‘Job’. You have not lived as a youth if you haven’t been asked this question by your friends or your crush!

See when you tell a youth that you have a Job opportunity for them, their adrenaline levels will go high, they will instantly get excited and if you add a spice of ‘making millions’ in a month in there, then you will get their undivided attention. They will respect you, retweet your things, google you and even check on you regularly to see how the ‘deal’ has matured.

They’ll make plans already on those ‘millions’ they’ll be getting and map out their future. They will get an accent, drive cars in their dreams and also visit the fancied places on planet in a split second. They will see their dreams come true in just a snap of the finger.

See, because we have been stuck with this broke life and nearly kissing poverty, we are easily taken away. We are easily convinced into believing this is the final breakthrough. We are easily deluded into being duped and exploited at all costs. Only to reach there and it’s AIM GLOBAL!

These folks have the same lie, same location of meetings(Wandegeya), same oversized coat and faded tie week in, week out and shockingly the same success story and same posing style. They have been brainwashed into believing you can easily get millions of money and they’ve gone ahead to get loans to enter this ‘business’ with a hope of becoming millionaires in two weeks. They invite you for a dinner or ‘luncheon’ but will never actually buy you anything!

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Alliance In Motion Global ‘Millionaires’ pose with their ‘cars’

I have been a victim about 4 times because I was desperate. Life had slapped me left right and center and everything that came by, I did and joined wholeheartedly. The AIM global ‘Opportunity’ and other Pyramid Schemes always came knocking at my door through my close friends, my exes, my crushes and also my former high school teacher.

It was such a devastating moment every when I arrived at a certain building in Wandegeya and I was welcomed with voices like “Do you want to be Rich in Two Weeks?” and green colors. I was always hungry, broke and I would use my last coins to rush for these “Opportunities’ that my friends had told me about. Most times, my friends would submit my number to these Pyramid Scheme companies like GNLD or AIM Global in the name of ‘recommending me’ for an opportunity.

Year in, year out, their lies became the same. They never never changed a bit. When they posed with their ‘millions’, they didn’t look like them. They faked smiles while posing besides their ‘cars’. These cunts know what the Youth want, they know what drives the youth crazy and they use that to mint money out of the youth as they continue lying to them of the proverbial millions that will becoming their way.

Somethings are too good to be true, but AIM Global and other related ‘opportunities’ are not anywhere near true. It’s a SCAM!!!!

For those that are online fanatics like I am, often you’ll be spammed with messages and YouTube links to ‘success stories’ and Skype calls with those fellas in the Philippines telling you how they can coach you to become millionaires. It’s miserable, it’s annoying that many frustrated youths have been taken by the storm.

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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