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100 Days of My Youth (Day 13): I woke Up still a Ugandan!

August passed through the window right to our bedrooms. We were caught still cuddling with July right under the sheets and shit!, everything got messy. At that moment, we knew it was time up for poor July and maybe a good riddance.

Still no change, I woke up Ugandan. I woke Up from my slumber and deep snore and I was still in code 256. I hopped I would be long gone, to another city. To start all over again. Meet new people, start a new life, a new president, a new view, a new car. Hell No! I’m still here.

I woke up Ugandan. A home filled with pessimists, naysayers, haters(both real and unreal), optimists. I woke up Surrounded by people so beautiful and ugly, good and bad, tall and short. The pungent odor of this sickening country still all over me.

I woke up still a Ugandan, in a country filled with insecurity, worthless people labeled leaders, a lifetime President, a den of unlawful imbeciles, a dungeon of impunity, an autocratic monarchy.

All was well until I woke up Ugandan…In a country of little hope, increased oppression of women, skyrocketing youth unemployment, poor policies against the citizenry, unfair taxation of the electorate, fellow humans deliberately bringing each other down. I woke sad and hurt that I’m still Ugandan

I woke up still a Ugandan, right in the pearl of Africa, home to the source of the night Nile, housing the prettiest ladies in sub-Saharan Africa, a marque in sights and sounds, a stunner in tourism, a young jolly population, a Rolex aroma! The only hope I hold dear to Uganda.

When you wake up still a Ugandan, you’ll be lucky to be added in a Baby Shower Whatsapp group of a baby you don’t father, a bridal shower of your ex, invited to a wedding meeting of your crush. You’ll be asked to take care of your distant relative’s children like you don’t have for own issues to tend to. This is Uganda!

I woke Up Still a Ugandan, to Fake Deep and hypocrisy on social media, people faking accents, peeps trying to Detooth me, to betrayal. To CEOs of big companies on social media but are barely cleaners in real life. To a group of folks trying to fake it till they make it. I’m not surprised i am still Ugandan.

Who so neglects learning in his youth loses the past and is dead to the future. ~Euripedes

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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