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100 Days of My Youth(Day 14): Where Were You When I Needed You?

“Hey, Nga You’re Lost”. “Eeh mama some chucking” and other things you’ll hear from people when you finally make it.

When you attain a certain level of success or register a win, brace yourself at the many DMs when they see you somewhere on Tv or on the papers.

But wait, where were you when I needed you? When I asked for a favor and I knew you were my only hope what did you say?

But again…..“Baagala Alina” Maurice Kirya sang.

Recently, a friend of mine made headlines internationally because of his innovation he had done locally. In his early days, I used to always profile his progress, write stories about him and I kept a keen interest in his progress.

On several occasions, he had been frustrated by our dear local media that refused to profile his innovation or even give him a story. They didn’t pick his calls, reply his emails or even hear him out. On some occasions, he was asked for money in return to publicity which he didn’t have. He grappled with publicity and soon gave up on media and decided to focus on his innovation.

A few weeks back, he made it. His innovation won a prestigious award and International Media captured the story. It went viral and gathered retweets for whoever shared it on their timeline. Indeed “Uganda Was Proud”.

I wasn’t surprised nor was I excited. I was rather happy for him that people were finally appreciating his efforts. I had seen him grow and was really delighted his works had paid off. Local media came running to do stories of him after the BBC, CNN, Bloomberg et el had written stories. He accepted a few and turned away some.

They come running after him not remembering the times they ignored him. They were quick to come to him now but were slow to heed to his requests a few years ago.

I can choose to go on and on but well, See there are many morals to this story; the bitter truth, the honest fact and whatever your heart might show you. You can choose to say maybe his work was not good enough then, something that propelled him to work harder and finally get the limelight he had wanted.

The bitter truth is no one really cares what you feel will be the next thing to disrupt this world until you actual do that one thing. Folks will come running to you how they knew you. How you had a date that you never fulfilled. How they’re your relatives.

Peeps will shamelessly feel entitled to whatever it is you have merely because you exchange texts with each other and jokes and you’ve been to a beer or two. They’ll feel fucking Entitled!

You’ll know the people that are there for you when you are in dire need. Those are the very folks who should be by your side when you finally make it in life.

The media that once ignored you will come running. Your ex will want you back, your relatives will remember you, your high school deskmate will look for your number, everyone will want a piece of the pie you solemnly fought for.

If you were never there for someone when they honestly needed you, why be there now that they no longer need you?

Youth is ever apt to judge in haste, and lose the medium in the wild extreme. ~ Aaron Hill

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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