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100 Days of My Youth (Day 18): Hey Monday!

Hey Monday,

I hope you’re doing fine, me? Well I’m not happy with you, never been. See, just yesterday was Friday and the weekend was amazing. I know good things have to come to an end but surely why does it always have to be because of you that the weekend is always short lived. You loser!

You’re the ugly bad stepmother that is always seated at the end of the weekend ready to bring us back to the hustle without any remorse. You don’t want to see us relaxed and happy Huh!

I’ve tried to compose myself for you but all in vain. I feel tired, sleepy, and exhausted from the weekend and before you after Sunday, there really needs to be a day right there. One to enable us prepare for you.

You’re such a mean fellow….atleast toss me some Good Luck. Bring my friends some serious employment and save them the misery of being unemployed.

Look here, I know I’ve said some really ugly stuff up there but let’s talk about it in a more subtle way. I mean why do people despise you, Monday? I’m here to listen…talk to me.

The other day, I had shitloads of work to do and you still didn’t have any remorse towards me. I had over 5 featured blogs to write, with a hangover from the weekend, a tired self and above all, a lazy chap.

Can’t seem to find my Mojo on Monday, my creative fingers continue to be in slumber, I feel a serious writers block every Monday, like as though I woke up with a stuffed nose.

The lady at Java House messed my morning coffee, she spiced it! Damn…who does that, who else gets angered easily on a Monday. Argghh!

Don’t be hard on me Monday, have some mercy. Don’t me sad…please tell my boss I’m not feeling my best on a Monday, Always! Or maybe should I get a weekly Day off on Monday so that I never have to sit here and waste my 100 Days of My Precious whining about you?

Okay atleast Make me Rich!

Yours Truly,


This is a Youth Oriented Society, and the Joke is on the them because Youth is a disease from which we all recover ~ Dorothy Fuldheim

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