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100 Days of My Youth (Day 20): Old Folks

Leave them, Ignore them….The old folks, just chill those aged lads, they think they’ve always outsmarted us life. Those old hags that can’t seem to let go of positions that evidently need a new face and much younger blood in strong bones.

They’ve slowed our Youth, we can’t seem to put all this brewing creativity in us to use. These old fellas won’t let go, they won’t pass on the mantle to us, see they don’t trust us at all. They don’t believe we can pull it off better than them.

“Old is Gold”, they claim but their results and ideas are only merely gold coated. They’re stuck with old systems, the broken ones that keep throwing us a million steps back from development. They can’t admit that it’s wrecking our generation and limiting our time. They’re failing us, those old peeps.

They were once smart and intelligent in their days, it’s not the case anymore. Their policies are not well thought, their ideas no longer seem to be working for us.

“The Youth are just Lazy!”

See how they categorize us all, they won’t hear us out until their publicly challenged and they get embarrassed. No, we don’t wish that for our old paps and moms but if they call for it, why not.

A Minister stood in front of us today to speak about the things the government has done for the youth. All of it was a lie, it was fabricated. We’re on our own guys…the few that pretend to represent us also there for their own gain.

From within, the system is rotten, dilapidated and broken beyond repair. They need to go. They need to rest and above all they need to take a break.

For a while, I stood there and watched my friend say all that shit right to my face!


Even the youngest of us may be wrong sometimes.”~ George Bernard Shaw

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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