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100 Days of My Youth (Day 21): Don’t Be That Guy

I hate to be at loggerheads with peeps. I move on easily, I let go easily and many times, I’ve been branded a coward and other titles to justify being me. However, I won’t lie, I’ll be that guy who tells you if I like something or not, I’ll be that guy who tells you your something ain’t shit or is trash. I’m that straight forward.

I’ve worked and been with hypocrites and I do know Karma always does her thing. You may be the guy that bitches on your friends for small small things but surely time will vindicate us all.

The other week, me and my team took a work trip to the Far East. On this gig(what we call our hustles), we had to relay information on social media as usual but far away from the normal. At about 1pm, we hit to road, we sat for about 5 hours heading to the east, busking ourselves in conversations filled with laughter and we were evidently excited about work the awaited us.

With us on the trip was a gentleman(we will call him Gerald) that wasn’t really into our circle but was also part of the gig we were going to do. He seamlessly blended with us, we got along really well and instantly, he was “part of the team”. He made the most of our conversations, some were evidently lies, somewhere facts but nonetheless we laughed hard all the way to where we would be residing.

Everything went smoothly, the event happened, work was well done and the bosses were extremely happy. However, “our new friend” was not on the same page as we were. Something was running through his mind and it would later turn out to put our future relations in jeopardy.

Apparently, George had slowly creeped to the boss and tried to poison her mind. He wanted the deal and future business to himself, he wanted my team dropped so that he can bring his own. I learnt of what awaited me and my team because of a one George.

He was jealous some of his friends were not part of the team. He did everything to fail and sabotage my team and rip us off of any future businesses with the folks.

To cut the story short, he somewhat succeeded but didn’t really take it all, considerably, we had to share the deal and now we also have to bare working with a Judas Iscariot and half my team losing out on the deal.

Our Youth is filled with such folks…they’re everywhere and are always out there to fail us. You could have been prey to such but please don’t be that guy.

Don’t be a George!

Youth doesn’t need friends — it only needs crowds. ~ Zelda Fitzgerald

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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