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100 Days Of My Youth (Day 22): Hold Up, The Youth have a Day?

Today as I exercised my right of access to the internet with due diligence, I learnt there’s an International Youth Day.

I immediately googled what the hell is this day or if it’s not one of those other days people just come us No Bra Day or No Panty Day. I actually found a whole Wiki page about this darned day and this had me impressed.

Apparently according to the Internet,International Youth Day is an awareness day designated by the United Nations. The purpose of the day is to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youth and the first IYD was observed on 12 August, 2000.

I was amazed. I was perplexed by how beautifully it’s well written on paper, the Youth have a day that was put aside to hear them out! Wow!

Do they (the youth) know that they have a day? Do they even care about this day? What does the day mean to us Youth? Are we attending a conference for “The Youth”, are there any activities put aside to engage the youth. Will there be some take homes for the Youth? Have we thought and cared about the real meaning of this day as youths?

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I honestly don’t know and I don’t care. Or maybe I do..

I asked a few fellows what they felt about the Youth Having a day designated to hearing them out and what they have to say. The feedback was meh. Some didn’t know about the day and it’s existence until they were asked. Others didn’t really care about the day and those that did know and care about it, were part of something youth related or an activity organized.

For me and many others, we’ll pose these many questions like; What next after the International Youth Day?, What next after these amazing outreaches and talks?, Does this day address and maybe cure what could be our biggest cancer “unemployment”?, Does it address something vital or it’s only the elites that really care about this day. What’s in for the Youth? (Come on, there has to be something at the end of the day.). Point me to the course of action after all this….

I don’t know what happens on this day but I know what the average youth expects on this day. They expect a public holiday(Yeah we need to discuss that in Parliament). They want to show up and drink their livers sick, grab pizza on the House at a big function and party till they see the sunrise.

See we don’t want to come and listen to boring speeches and how the government is promising us things they’ve evidently failed to deliver in the past. We don’t want boring things. The youth want life…give us a breather with a cold stout in there and we promise to come through.

I didn’t know we had a day for ourselves until then. I didn’t know the Youth had a platform to be heard. Maybe the day could come in handy…there are very many activities that have been organized, conferences and what not. If unemployment is the hazard, maybe these networking opportunities could help a smart youth out there. Who knows you might hear something inspirational to drive you to keep you working hard and maybe get to a better place. Who knows?

The Optimist in me knows that opportunity can be anywhere and I always look forward to those kinds of things but for the longest times, I’ve often been disappointed and that gives the pessimist in me a strong hold.

Come the International Youth Day this Sunday, I wish all youth grappling with all kinds of midlife crisis to breakthrough, conquer their fears and be great in their means. I hope this day brings light to our lives, flashes a ray of hope to our hustles. I hope we make friends that build us, get jobs and maybe live our best lives to inspire others. I hope this day comes in handy!

Happy International Youth Day Folks! A toast to life!

Youth, large, lusty, loving — Youth, full of grace, force, fascination. Do you know that Old Age may come after you with equal grace, force, fascination?” ~ Whitman

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