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100 Days of My Youth (Day 28): Mama Mia

Somedays get wild, others get crazy busy and others turn out to be really ugly on your side. Sometimes you have an option but the other times, you really have no option but to just carry on.

Like me, if i had an option not to write today, i really would take it, I would not even bother coming here to ‘waste my time’ talking to myself and write on this straight 28th day. But damn it, I’m here regardless so let’s have a talk. Let’s talk about my Youth once again.

All was well, all was smooth and the day was about to roll smoothly until I opened my facebook to check what i missed as i was in my sleep. The internet never sleeps so you need to update yourself with what you missed in the more morning.

Everything stalled, everything froze, memories came racing back when I opened my facebook and there was a down the memory photo of me and my ex girlfriend. It was after the Cancer Run last year, we had gone together and after running, we had a taken a photo which I captioned; “We came, We Saw, We Lost”. It was such an amazing moment. Damn, I was so in love, I was ready for marriage. All my mind was set on this lady. I can swear is was the one!

The memories that rocked my mind though were meh, the ones that came back running to me were rather odd. The thoughts that occupied my mind was the fateful day she jokingly said ‘It’s over, never talk to me again”. The day it was over between me and her, the day it was a wrap! Much as I thought these words were Joke, they later turned out to be the melodies that reminded me of the loss that had befallen me. They ring and beat back to date.

We had fought a couple of times, kissed and made up. Our love life was young, filled with ups and downs but all that was because we were still unsure of whatever it is were headed for and we didn’t want to rush anything we would later regret. We were happy on some nights, smoked weed as we spoke about life and what we encountered in the past. We danced and had the most fun of our lives. Everything seemed to headed for the right direction but alas!

On that fateful afternoon, she asked to have lunch with me to which I fully accepted and we agreed to a location of her desired choice. It was Mama Mia at Boulevard on Kampala Road. I took my lunch break to go have a fancy luncheon with my gal. All went smooth and all flowed, lunch was amazing, I had flu and she gave me a ready which was dawa tea. Drama ensued when the bill came, she asked me to pay and i told her i was not financially okay at that moment something that go down well with her. She expressed her anger at how i couldn’t foot our lunch bill and i wondered why she called me why she had invited for lunch when she was never ready to foot the bill.

I had money both on my ATM and Mobile Money but decided to stay put and see where this would end up. I pretended not to have anything like money on me other than transport back to my office. After a myriad of words, she cleared the bill and still spoke hard. All this while I was like a Kid who had performed at school and my dad was reprimanding me how he wastes money on me.

All in all, the words she told me that afternoon sounded like a Joke but sunk in later that she was gone for real. Every when I pass by Boulevard and see Mama Mia Restaurant, it is the ultimate dungeon where a piece of me was broken.

Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young. ~ J.K Rowling

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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