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100 Days of My Youth (Day 3): Take Me To Church

My Sundays are always lazy and boring, either I woke up with a bloody hangover or I woke up to an errand that I honestly didn’t like.

Today, I woke up with a terrible hangover. The previous night was lit(as we youths say), we blew some of our hard earned paper, we danced and drunk to our fill, made some fun of ourselves and retired back to our places in one piece. It was one of those nights to always remember but we actually don’t remember or gained anything at all when we wake up.

See the thing with hangover is you’ll have it and never know what to do to make it go away but you sure know what you need.

Luckily for me, I had some coins and change left from last night that could buy me something to make for breakfast. I dashed out to go look for Katogo and Master Supermarket in Ntinda has an in-house diner I could use for a couple of minutes to pump up and fight this hangover.

After everything, I secure my hot Katogo and some rock boom. It helps!

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While I ate my Katogo, there was a gentleman that sat next to me. He looked reserved, he calmly ate his pizza and looked like he was in a rush or had been quite hungry.

On first sight, he looked like a nightclub bouncer, atleast from the look at his huge biceps as he held the pizza in his hands. But maybe this one of my other silly thought.

I sat near him minding my business as he also did mind his.

When he was done eating, I heard him say hello and I instinctively turned to him to say hello back. He apologized for not greeting me earlier and said; “Sorry for not greeting you earlier, I was still eating. You know this is Africa and here, we greet each other regardless unlike our white folks who simply mind their business”

I was bemused. I wore the “It’s not a big deal” face and greeted him back. He responded humbly, “l know you don’t know me but I felt I should greet you and wish you well.”

“Ohh, thanks. I wish you well too”, I responded.

Shortly, I channeled my attention back to my Katogo as he sipped on his soda calmly.

I heard him murmur something again and I instantly knew this gentleman wanted a lengthy chat, so I started to mentally prepare myself for one.

He randomly asked me a question, “have you been to Naalya?” To which I responded, “Yeah Sure, a couple of times, why?”

I don’t know what you do when you go there or who you see but you need to love and respect them. You realize I just asked randomly about Naalya right? Could have been Kireka or Muyenga but I randomly asked Naalya.

I wore a perplexed face!

He went on…

When some people get money, they think they’ll rule the world. But that’s not the case. There’s a power out there we all need to love and respect. Our time here is limited and we have to live every moment. If we were here for a long time and had money then Napoleon would still be here rolling but he ain’t.

I’d love to re-echo that you don’t know me and I also don’t know you but I respect people and when I can, I speak to them and if they don’t want to talk to me, I simply let them be.

I also went ahead to ask him; “What’s your honest opinion about religion?

“I don’t fall anywhere but one thing I know for sure is there’s a force and power we all don’t know but have to respect. One that aids Donald Trump to be American President and Putin to be a force to reckon with”, he pointed out.

He went on….”I don’t subscribe to any church but I do subscribe to God. Today is Sunday and we need to respect him. We could start up a Church right here in this supermarket and proclaim our love for him but no, we’ll chose to love him regardless”

I was impressed, I somewhat ditched my katogo to listen to him a little more. His diction and accent was impeccable and yet he didn’t look the type that could pull it off (I judged on sight).

For about 3 mins, my talk with this gentleman was so random and yet glorifying.

After all his talk, he remembered to introduce himself and told me; “Oh btw I’m called Angelo and I’m a Swimming Instructor just nearby here at Nob View Hotel. If you ever want to learn how to swim, you can swing by”

He dashed out and said enjoy your Katogo Sir.

See my Sunday morning was made, I need that and more. Atleast I heard something my soul liked to hear and I was happy.

I should be in church, I’m a staunch catholic with my rosary never leaving and dangling around my neck. I honestly don’t know the last time I ever stepped church. I honestly no longer go there.

My argument is I grew to have so many questions about my and other religions and still can’t find the answers I want. My confusion led me away from Church but not away from God. I respect and love him, I often pray to Him and thank him for Life. I cherish and glorify his name but not in “church” anymore.

I know I’m not alone in this WhatsApp group, there are others like me.

Wait, what is a Church?…nvm!

Every when I can, I ask someone (especially born agains) what attracts them to their religion, what fuels their faith and it’s all the same vibe I get. I never look down on any religion and if I’ve done so, I know I’ve asked God for mercy and forgiveness.

See, life has taught me to be a believer even when I seem to be expecting water from a rock. I’ve carried on more, I’ve Soldiered on, I’ve hustled and still going hard. Also, I’ve played harder too!

I want to learn more about religion, I know there are answers I particularly want to hear and there are answers I need to hear. It’s a dilemma from within I guess.

Even when tomorrow comes, I’ll forever be grateful to the Almighty!

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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