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100 Days of My Youth (Day 33): Keep That Circle Small

My friends and I hit the road again to go in the Far East to look for the paper. In the line up that has relentlessly gone to look for the paper, it was the same faces that were in the car on the road with me.

It hit me that this is my circle, this is my family now and I’m sort of stuck with them. They understand me and I can run to them when I need something and they too can run to me. When I choose to spend on them, I know for sure they’ll do the same. I don’t have much to offer but when I can, I task myself to create a happy environment so do they.

See you don’t need so many people around you disguising to be your friends. You don’t need so many people around you to feel that you’re loved. No, you don’t!

You need a handful of them, you need a couple of friends to love and treat you right. You need just a small circle of friends who you can count on unconditionally, a group of folks that can come to your rescue when you’re in dire need.

I’ve learnt to effortlessly let people go, to move on from those that don’t care about me, from those that I seem to be forcing a friendship with. I have learnt that not everyone is meant to be on your circle, that not everyone is meant to be your friend.

You should learn to value a friend. Hate them, get pissed when they tell you a fact or something that is right but angers you but stick with them. Keep your circle small, let it annoy you but that is the one that understands you and will forever be there for you. Be happy, live your lives happy, fight over the most trivial things and mweyagalize!

Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. ~ Franz Kafka

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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