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100 Days of My Youth (Day 35): Naysayers!

See we’ve probably or rather been through quite a lot things. We’ve tried doing many things we’ve managed and thought of laying out hands on. Some have definitely worked out and the others have somewhat refused but nonetheless, we’ve soldiered on.

For the few youths that aren’t faint-hearted and have managed to be lucky enough, they’ve salvaged a lot from whatever it is they’ve pursued. For those that aren’t, they’ve terribly failed at attempt. I know, things happen. Some could actually stroll your way while the others will actually sprint away from you.

But wait, hold on…what if it’s our own fault? What if you’re one of the reasons that fellow youths are not prospering. Could you be the one contributing to this all?

Are you the pessimist, the naysayer, the hater, the sadist who’s at the helm of this all?

This may sound fun, to us Youth, a few ‘jabs’ here and there may seem having a great time but not in most cases and at all times. Yes, we could be cracking jokes and all but do you know the limit of it all, are you actually still joking when all the time you’re looking for an opportunity to pick up on someone? To demean them, to make them feel small, to remind them of a demise?

I’ve seen youths with my own eyes and heard them with my own ears bringing others down. With words, with action, they’ve slowly contributed to the continued stagnation of others’ success. This is not right. I’m no saint either!

Because you may feel opinionated, you’re always the one commenting on everything. You’re always the one giving negative feedback on people’s lives, hustles and ventures. You’ve selfishly refused others to prosper under your eye and you feel everything should be according to the way you want it to be, this is not right.

Don’t be the guy who’s always throwing shade, the guy who’s always pessimistic, the one who’s always ready to drop a negative statement. Sometimes these may not be welcome, some people can’t stand being told the truth and much as you may feel the need to, sometimes you really need to keep your opinion of others to yourself.

Some youths are not strong hearted to take in a comment whether it could make or break them. They’d rather life gives them the feedback, they’d rather fate brings them the good or bad news but not just about anybody.

It’s okay to be different and hold different opinions and views but sometimes you don’t have to air them when the environment evidently doesn’t welcome them.

You could impact on someone by just a statement, remember that!

“Youth is a gift of nature but age is a work of art.” ~ Stanislav Lee

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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