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100 Days of My Youth (Day 40): It’s no coincidence

I’ve always wondered why I have the friends I have. How comes we somehow connect and do the work we do, how comes we at the end of the day end up at the same party.

The other day as we ate Nyama Choma at a popular Kenyan restaurant at the corner around bugolobi, a friend posed a question that has still sunk in upto now. He asked, “Do you think you’re where you are by mistake or do you think you have the friends you have by mistake?”

I let him explain exactly what he meant and he went ahead to tell me this dates back from the circles we made while at school. Even in the midst of those very many people, we still had to choose a few individuals to make close to us. We had to trickle down to a few people and choose keep them close.

See that’s how we’ve somewhat ended up all here. Chances are you’re reading this because you relate to what I’m talking about. You relate to what I write about and a story or two entirely depicts what is going on in your youth. It’s no coincidence.

You don’t have the circles you have by mistake, you’re not where you are now by mistake. Nah, it’s not a coincidence that the people you drink with are the same ones almost all the times. You attract what you look like. The sad truth is you’ll attract lousy folks if you’re lousy, cool kids will be in your company if you’re also a cool kid and so on and on.

They say fake it till you make it but sometimes you’ll really fake it and never make it, believe!

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