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100 Days of My Youth (Day 42): I’m sorry!

One of these days, I really want to put my shit together, I want to make up my darned mind and I trek back home and sit my dad down and not only tell him that; “Papa I’m doing alright but most importantly, I’m sorry!”

A few years ago, I fell out with my dad over trivial issues. To date, Me and him never look eye to eye but deep down I know he loves and cares about me. Deep down inside me, I know I draw the genes of pride from him and that has had us both donning the “I don’t care” attitude to eachother.

Society has it that it’s me who has to put my differences intact and I apologize to my dad and I hate that it’s right. Maybe I was young. Maybe I was still confused and excited about life. I really want to wake up from this entire cloud in my head and I just walk back home and have a man to man talk with my dad.

Pride is bad. Everything that has slowed us down as youth has somewhat been attributed to being proud and I relate to that school of thought. Personally, I’ve showed a middle finger and walked away from somethings that may build me tomorrow because I’m proud as hell. It’s a cancer that has killed me as my fellow youth — were too proud and filled with ego!

We hurt our friends, we hurt our families, feelings of people dear to us but are never conscious enough to apologize. We’re too proud to say; “I’m sorry!” And that has killed us so much. It has wrecked relationships, it has spoiled future prospective relations and has held us back often times.

It only has seven words but saying “I’m sorry holds so much power and comfort inside it. It’s a soother, a problem solver, a Heart calmer and helps calm down tense situations. It’s a magic word, learn it!

Today I had a chance to hangout with a friend of mine, Nessah and it had dawned me that I had hurt her in the past times. On this night, I dedicated all my time to understand what happened to us and also apologize for my being a jerk. She singled out the fact that sorry is not just enough and definitely useless if you’ll still do the same thing anyway! That shit sunk in!

Folks, Youths, tell your friends, acquaintances that you’re sorry. It won’t cost you your ego or a leg. It’s priceless, try it today and be true to it, CHANGE!

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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