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100 Days of My Youth(Day 45): I need a breather

Today, I made up my mind to TRY and stay away from social media. At least until I reach my birthday. It’s a few hours an I feel like I’m suffocating, I feel I am missing out on many things, I feel a part of me has been crippled.

For a while now, my life has been and depends on social media. It’s my heroine, it’s my salvation and my soul provider. When I’m lonely, bored or sad, it’s from social media that I find my happiness and solace.

From social media,I’ve earned a decent living, a meaningful stature and I’ve gained a reasonable amount of respect among my peers. If I refused to give credit to social media for making me the man I am today, I’d be such an ungrateful Youth.

I won’t shy away from it, it’s our generation, it’s my fuel and my daily joy to see the trends change and me being apart of them simultaneously. It’s gives me such enormous joy.

However, one would wonder, why stay away from your livelihood, why cut yourself from the majority friends that have been used to reaching out to you on social media? It’s absurd, I know!

But here’s the thing, we all need a breather. We all need sometime to connect with the real RAW world. We need that time to leave all the things that have turned us into slaves of our phones and we enjoy what lies besides us.

Surely there are other things we can find joy in, there are other ways we can communicate with our folks other than Social Media, there are other ways to checking in on your folks and know if all is well. We’ve been so detached from nature, the issues on ground, from even our own selves.

In awe and anticipation to mark my 20 something birthday, I’ve decided to stay away from the negative vibes on Twitter, the hate speech on Facebook, the depressing lifestyles that I often see fellow youth live on Snapchat and Instagram that I can’t afford, the fake deep on WhatsApp.

For a moment, I want to be by myself, read a book, catch a movie at the cinema with my crush, hangout with my friends, have real-life talks with my peers without a social media notification interrupting us, I want to do all the subtle things that my youthfulness has robbed away from me.

For now, all I can do without is writing my series and I excuse and forgive myself! We all need a breather and whichever way you seek it, may you find peace within yourself and forever be happy!

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