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100 Days of My Youth(Day 47): Be Grateful

“Thank God for what’s happening right now, might not be good but thank God” is a line that always captivates me every when I listen to Drake’s God’s Plan. It’s such a dope line and one I relate to always.

There was a time when me and you didn’t have anything but now we do. There was a time when everything didn’t come by easily but now, everything seems to be flowing and going our way. From the way we hustle today, we are destined for the best lives ahead.

We’ve put on a little weight, on a sunny day when you’re realistically broke, someone will argue that you’re telling lies. Today, we now stay in decent apartments and now wear really awesome outfits and hangout in fancy places all thanks to the most high.

Our hustles have paid off, some have failed and we’ve moved on. At our youthfulness, we’ve laid our hands on just about anything that can make some decent paper, everything that can genuinely pay off some bills, we’ve diligently done. At a rather young age, we’ve somewhat achieved the things our old folks didn’t when they were our age.

Today, we can speak with authority. In some fractions, we command a sizable amount of respect among both old and young peeps. It’s heartwarming every when you walk through a mall in town and someone stops you and appreciates your work.

It’s soothing seeing someone speak about you with so much respect and admiration because of the things you’ve done. To some, we’re role models and to others we’ve turned into mentors. Our lives are on course even before we’re truly prepared to take on what lies ahead of us.

Some have openly bragged about it, they’re right! They could be overwhelmed at how rewarding their hustles have been and it’s only fair they celebrate in whatever way they deem fit. For some, they’ve kept a low profile and have busked in their immense success, it’s their choice.

Whichever way you decide to celebrate your wins, it’s solely up to you fam!

This is because of the almighty God, this due to our patience, passion, persistence and perseverance in our unique hustles. Someday, we’ll hangout and drink to those moments when everything didn’t make sense and now it all does. In whatever situation you may be in, Be Grateful Fam!

A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness.

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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