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100 Days of My Youth (Day 52): Man, It’s for Surviving outta here!

Today, I was preparing myself for a very important talk about my hustle. On Friday at Hive Colab, a local based incubation hub, me along with some like-minded folks who have mastered the art of making a dime off the digital evolution will be panellists at the first gigstars to have a conversation on Kampala’s Gig economy that many refer to as “Freelance Work.

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For those interested, here’s the poster with details.

I’ve been excited about this and although I feel honored to be part of it, I really feel I need to prepare myself for this evening just so not to mess it up. In my research for pointers, I came across something really interesting.

When we hustle, we’re looking to be able to sort some issues that may need money and to get that money, we gotta have to sacrifice some time, some friends, sell our souls if we have to and make some enemies.

That sunk in!

For a while now, my hustle has been mainly centered around blogging, creative writing and mainly social media & digital marketing on a number of topics that clients may be interested in. Because I want the money so bad and want to grow my portfolio as well, I’ve written about things I love, those I don’t and those I really find challenging just to grow and widen my craft.

Writing for me comes off easily & effortlessly and I would love to write more and more if I have to master the art even better. For me, it’s passion that had guided me this far.

However, I’ve noticed not everyone is like me and I respect that. I’ve seen some are really better than I am and there are some I’m better than but that’s not the big deal, we’re all trying to live, make a penny and most importantly live & survive.

I’ve seen folks come at others for doing the things they do either perfectly or imperfectly because they feel the need to. Peeps have been called out and accused of selling their souls because the other parties don’t “deem their deeds right” according to them.

Without even why knowing some people are doing somethings, people have gone right ahead to judge them, brand them selfish minded and bad people. Without even finding out why someone may be “stooping low”, they just draw conclusions and hate on the person.

Man, life can be hard. You can grapple with problems, Brokeness, unemployment, rejections and much more to the extent of not having any choice or hope in life. To the point of allowing anything that comes your way it questions your integrity or no.

Even the friends you hoped would come through for you may not or may genuinely not be in position to.

I’ve seen friends work for the most hated political camps and I wouldn’t know their reasons but maybe out of paranoia, I’ve outrightly & bluntly judged them for their actions.(I admit)

Just know it’s not well out there. People are out there to survive. When others are prospering, you won’t have an excuse to tell as they won’t be welcome at that point.

It’s survival out here guys, people are doing things they don’t like, youths are doing jobs they don’t love, peeps are betraying their friends and backstabbing their buddies (which isn’t cool btw) just to see their way through.

I’ve learnt to quickly never judge anyone and if I’ve done so, I’ve learnt to also unjudge and understand peeps in whatever situation they be in and what led them to do whatever they do.

I may not agree with you but that doesn’t mean my or other people’s opinion about you should make you change your actions. You may lose a couple of friends, it’s normal, some decisions can mean to be tough but have to be taken anyway.

Before you go all out throwing tantrums at people, judging people and calling them all sorts of titles, understand why they had to take that road. Learn why life has led them to that point because when all this is done, everyone is trying to make their lives better by the day. And people are willing to do the bare minimum to achieve that.

Man, at some point in life, it’s for Surviving, cut some people some slack and allow them prosper!

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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