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100 Days of My Youth(Day 53): Opinions

Let’s face it, let’s admit it, everyone talks just about anything they feel they should talk about. everyone has a say in whatever they feel like they want to talk about.

Some say it’s their right, some outrightly just speak without any thought process to it.

A while ago at a drink-up, a friend brought up an argument about which prominent people that are out in our age bracket and are not really better than us.

I know when heights hit the climax, we find ourselves having the shitiest of conversations and arguments. Some that are really trivial and negligible but hey, we dig in an argue the night away.

In their argument, the fella that started the argument was saying some prominent folks our age were not that really rich and didn’t have money like they portrayed themselves. No one seemed to be on his side but he continued to ignorantly defend his points and argued out all night.

The moral of it all is that, I know we all have something to say of each other. I know we all have burning and itching opinions of people we know and we don’t. It makes us feel super cool that our say has been aired out.

You don’t have to really voice your opinions all the time. You don’t know how people survive. If you don’t feed anyone or even give them money when they don’t, you surely don’t have a right to say whatever you want about them. Keep shut!

Opinions are sensitive guys. You may hold whatever opinion you hold on anything and it could rub anyone the wrong way. Could be feminism, sexuality or religion. Damn it, people are complicated living things, you never know what they’re thinking and how they quickly react to your opinions.

You can choose to never give a fuck & spew out your opinions or actually give one and just chill and keep your opinions to yourself to avoid rubbing people the wrong way.

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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