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100 Days of My Youth( Day 55): Just Start!

I’m a little bit scared about what I’ll even say tomorrow at the talk I have to give about my blogging journey and impart some advice.

An inexperienced me, will sit along with learned & experienced folks to talk about everything and anything in the “Gig economy” that almost has over 40% youth participation.

My argument is that there are more suitable folks way above me who should be at that panel tomorrow and being the “chosen one”, I not only feel gassed up and excited, I’m a little nervous and scared. I guess it happens to even the best of all.

One thing I believe though is that I’m really not here by mistake. Deep down inside of me, I feel I deserve this spot and more. I feel this is where I had anticipated myself to be and most importantly the almighty has me be where he wants me to. I celebrate that each and everyday that goes by. I feel proud today and I’ll do so tomorrow and the other day.

There’s many folks out there that have come up to me and told me about what they intend on doing. Some have outrightly said they’d love to be like me and do what I do and I’ve told them to be better than me. Some have walked up to me and told me they have a pla, they want to be something but have not done anything about it.

From the talks I’ve had with many youths my age, they’ve always told me they want something but have not told me how they plan on getting it or that they’re doing about it. That’s the A-factor, everything is well knitted in their minds and perfectly written on paper but nothing ever moves from that step.

See you need to start, even without nothing, you really need to make a step. Whereas you may be waiting for something to make you start, you may never get it or it may never come and your dreams and aspirations will be shuttered.

You need to start with whatever you have if you’ll ever salvage anything in this life. I know many of us really want to put our hands on anything and everything but it’s the only we can ever test what it is we want and willing to die for.

Today, go and make a decision to start, go forth and promise yourself that you’ll atleast take a step towards achieving whatever it is you would love to achieve. Life’s never really waiting on us, the clock keeps ticking by!

Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music. ~Ronald Reagan

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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