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100 Days of My Youth(Day 59): Don’t raise your Hopes too High

Yesterday, I shared a post on my WhatsApp status that caused quite a debate and buzz from various friends of mine.

The status that read…”Dear Sis, until that man has claimed you as his own, you’re single. Until he has used his words to make his intentions clear, you’re single. Act accordingly. Go on other dates, meet people, have fun, it okay you owe him nothing. On sides expectation birth disappointment.”

Theories cropped up in my DMs, arguments and jokes trickled in and this only got me thinking more and more with a smile of course.

But from that line, I learn a lot of lessons. Much as it may sound a cheeky one. Pick a leaf from it. Hold down your pen on your paper and take notes to learn.

When you live your life as though nothing takes you by surprise, then you’ll never live to regret the events that happen in your life. You’ll be happy, make your decisions without banking on people that might let you down.

Listen, if you feel something for someone, talk about it, tell them about how you feel. If they turn you down, it’s fine, atleast you were honest with yourself and then. It’s okay not to be loved back like you hoped and wished for.

The problem with us youths is we trust too much and throw so much hope around in people. We live a risky life. We leave home and go to the bar with no money but expect to turn up and have a good time. Sometimes, we even have our plans budgeted on other people’s money. Hehe!

Thing is….Go out, don’t place your anticipations and expectations in Humans, they’ll disappoint you like as though it’s not normal. Live your life and you’ll never whine about disappointments.

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