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100 Days of My Youth (Day 6): Remember to Mind Your Business

Take water and Mind Your Business, it’s important for your health

I don’t know what you do to get money, how you get your money, where you get it from and what you go through to get it and if you ever hear me tell you a thing or two about how to spend your money, place a slap on my right cheek and accompany it with some kicks. No one should!

Last night we drowned a few beers with my friends and we had the chance to talk about our past hustle lives, when we had nothing and we how slowly morphed into the men we are now. We spoke how we faked life, how we didn’t have a thing and how we survived, the people that were there for us when we had nothing, the joys and frustrations. We laughed, drunk a little more and retired to our homes, a little inebriated.

What stood out for me with each of my friends was the pride they spoke with. As they narrated their down the hustle lanes, a little arrogance was embedded in their tones and speech and they shrugged as they emphasised their points. I can’t blame them, they’ve probably gone through alot.

See the point here is we all got unique stories to tell, those of Joy and those of sorrow. Everyone of us has a chapter in their lives that they are grateful for and ungrateful for, we live a story of a life that we create and write every day that swings by. Like Bikozulu says, ‘everything is a story’

Never at some point should you assume importance in people’s lives. Let people be, give them advice but don’t impose it on them. Don’t act like you are the best and greatest teacher to people. Just don’t tell people what they should do with their lives because you feel the need to because sometimes all you really need to do is take some water and mind your business, it’s really important.

You should note that you don’t have the slightest idea what some people have been through, so don’t go on rubbing everyone the hard way

See we all have opinions of each other and most importantly we are all entitled to our say but surely you don’t have to outdo yourself while at it. Sometimes it isn’t really welcome to spew out your ignorance and stupidity clothed in an ‘Opinion’. Style Up.

I’ve been encountered with some scenarios where I have to mind my business and indeed I swallow. See we sometimes all like to poke our noses in what really doesn’t concern us but because we have the intrigue to know and opine, we go ahead and make a nuisance of ourselves. Sad!

Youth is ever apt to judge in haste, and lose the medium in the wild extreme. ~Aaron Hill

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