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100 Days of My Youth(Day 63): We’re tripping!

On a random evening as I hangout with friends, something odd struck me. As we drunk, cracked jokes and drowned in a few bottles, I noticed we were all disconnected from the moment we were trying to live at that time.

We never really had a straight conversation between each other before everyone got back to their phones. It was as though we were having a group chat talk on WhatsApp yet we were right before each other.

For a moment, we all went silent on eachother, buried in our phones scrolling away and the only time we drew each others attention was when someone saw something online worth debating about and they raised it.

We often threw our opinions towards it and laughed or argued a little and got back to our phones.

On some days too, I had dinner with a number of my lady friends, the same thing happened. Mid way in between the date, she pulls out her phone and gives the whole engagement a divided attention. It’s annoying, it’s absurd and most importantly it’s rude. It gets really angering that you want to talk about it but you choose to just look on and ignore it to avoid mixed feelings.

See we’ve somewhat detached ourselves from the real life, we no longer come together and talk about life’s reality like we used to or we’re prolly supposed to.

We can’t sit by the bonfire without anyone wanting to tell it on Social Media, we can’t have a meal in a decent restaurant without anyone wanting to update their Snapchat or instagram.

We can somewhat no longer read a book without posting it on Facebook besides a glass of wine. It’s culture now, it’s the norm.

In all this, we’ve been torn apart and can’t sit down and talk about real issues. We no longer give each other advise because we’re too busy to do so and no one seems like they have time to anyway.

For some reason, we’re lost and we honestly don’t know how we got here. It’s like we’re on a race but actually don’t know where we are running to. We’re lost, we’re tripping!

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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