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100 Days of My Youth(Day 65): Self-actualize!

“Know the difference between enjoying your youth & destroying your future” a status update I saw on a friends on a friends WhatsApp story Is what caught my attention shortly before I slept last night. It’s the post that has driven the narrative in today’s blog.

The urge to live life large & also not lose it at the same time is way up there. Folks are all about the party, the next turn up, the next drink up, when the other house party will be there, when the next Silent Disco will be happening. Where the next meet up will be…Even nothing is happening and there’s absolutely no reason to party or empty a brown bottle, fellas will always find a reason to turn up.

I’m no different to that camp either. Backed with the thought of having hustled and having lived a life filled with nothing, I want to live my life to the fullest. I want to go the fanciest of restaurants, I want to buy the nicest of shoe I couldn’t afford back then. At this point I feel I should be living the best life and everything I get goes towards “harnessing” just that.

Whether it’s suffocating me or no is something I don’t know for sure and ain’t ready to face.

To be honest, we all want that cool life. Sometimes we want it so bad because our friends are living it, because a celebrity has it or even folks around you believe you should have it and alas!, you sweat for it! Could be for something or nothing but you go ahead and sacrifice just about anything to yo have that life.

I have friends who are choking on debts because they want to live a certain life, one they can’t fully afford but because they want to fit in, they’re doing whatever it takes. It’s sad!

The love to live the party has cost us, it has ripped right through us and has put most of our dreams on hold. Because we want to live a certain lifestyle, we’ve taken all our savings on partying, spent nearly half our salaries on an expensive lifestyle & nothing to show that we’re transforming. One may say we’re spending what we don’t have!

Slow down, whatever it is that you truly want and deserve will come your way. Might take awhile but it will come. All it’s asking for is a little patience & hard work. Don’t waste your tomorrow trying so hard to live today!

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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