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100 Days of My Youth(Day 68): Keep Walking

It’s been almost three weeks ever since I last had a sip on my finest beer, Guinness. My soul is unhappy with me, my throat is always horny & dry, I feel my body complaining being fed on non-alcoholic beverages. Woah!

On some evenings, I want to walk to the bar and order for about four shots of Singleton, sit by the counter and stare at fine ass women as they walk in. I yearn to be all by myself listening to oldies as they play and watch the hours race by. Such moments alway fascinate the hell out of me.

Today, I almost branched off to a bar, at the corner of Bukoto Road. There’s a new spot that I’ve always wanted to check out but ever since I took a sudden break on anything alcohol, it has since been a no go zone due to fear of succumbing to the demands of the soul.

However today the urge to go was way up there. I had quite an eventful day, one that was filled up with activities in the hustle. As it all came to an end, something caught my eye, on social media, something took me away. I eventually made up my mind to go check out this new joint but to watch soccer and check out their version of house coffee.

There are folks that will have an opinion over what you do. They’ll outrightly critique your work, share strong opinions that will seemingly throw your hustle in integrity question. They maybe true or not, they may be directed to you or not but for some reason you’ll feel touched by it regardless.

The urge to respond burns right through you, ripping you apart. The anger within brews so much hate and resentment towards the person, your rage overshadows your judgement & argument and before putting a thought to it, you go all out.

Maybe you’re right, maybe it’s your gut feeling to defend anything that really wants to put your hustle in jeopardy. You need to go all out and put them right in their place. Ask them to get their facts right and ‘school them’ like they say.

But wait, how about you ignore them, how about your pay them a blind eye & deaf ear. Even if you’re really hurt to the marrow, how about your simply laugh it off like it’s a daily thing and get back to your normal life.

Do you really have to respond to everyone that critiques you? Do you really have to waste your time responding to someone because they called you out on social media? Do you have to stoop so low and ‘fight back’? Do you?

See I get it, most youths are at crossroads, someone are not sure about what it is they want, some want to be on a side but don’t know which to be one and they’re easily taken up. But you need to calm down, you need digest in criticism, you need to take it in. You need to know when to respond or you need to really know when to walk away.

Even when all times may seem tough, even when all criticism may be true and you have no come back, sometimes you not only need to shut the fuck up but also you really need to Keep walking regardless!

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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