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100 Days of My Youth( Day 77): Started from the Bottom

To be sincere, we all start from anywhere, somewhere and nowhere. When we we start a journey, we never know where it shall lead us and if we’ll ever get there anyway but nonetheless, we get going.

When I set out to start my life on my own, my 20th Birthday was around the corner. At that point, I had nothing, no beddings, a few clothes, no rent money and I had to be a squatter at a friends for a while till I got on my feet…when? I could never tell. But nonetheless, I hang in there. Went harder each day, hustled without anyone to run to and without any shame to hustle. M

I remember I failed a millions times but I also vividly Just about how I picked my ass up, dusted myself and got back to my hustle a million times as wel. Left right and center, life humbled me every when I thought I could never find myself in a situation. I grew thinner, ugly, sickly and poorer.

The people I considered friends, the peeps I considered homies and diehards all scampered, like an intruder, they found their immediate route out of my life. My family too was not on my side and that meant life was about to get nasietet and shit was about to go south instead of north. Everything got ugly and uglier by the day!

Eventually after hustling relentlessly, gave up on many things including school, a ray of hope shone on my life. Everything I had worked hard for, hoped for and prayed for had started showing face. The seeds of what we had planted ages ago and chose to believe in had started bearing fruit. The lord was slowly opening doors that never existed and making paths in our journey that we had never anticipated to come by.

We got some money, quite a lot. We stuck with the real friends that were there for us during the times, we forgave those that ran and we made new ones along the way. We narrowed our circle even smaller than it was. We now live large, we have better lives than before, we now look classy and sassy. We are respected and among some of our folks, we have the inspiration tag.

See we started from the bottom now we’re here. Kicking ass and going harder, achieving things while we’re still young. See us, the Lord said that we shall be here and here we are. See us!

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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