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100 Days of My Youth (Day 78): God’s Plan

On the eve of June 2018, I still had nothing to show from about 8months of independence and the hustle. It was at that point that everything didn’t make sense. I almost coiled my tail and went back home to play the prodigal son and ask for forgiveness. Life had molested me in all avenues.

But I had faith & Hope that whatever I was doing would one day finally pay off. Most importantly, with me, I gripped onto prayer, I was closer to the lord than ever. I was hopeless and a little optimistic at the same time. Although all hope seemed to be coming to an end before I even realized myself, I was losing it slowly.

When all was lost, my faith in the lord grew stronger, I cried to him, spoke to him like as though it were me and Paps dotted by the balcony talking about life and just how tough it is. He listened, came through and remained a pillar in my life.

I’m where I am today because he’s said so. See the friends I have, the places I’ve been to, the achievements that have come my way, the money we’ve made, the trademarks we’ve accomplished and the miles we’ve travelled, that’s all God’s Plan!

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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