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100 Days Of My Youth(Day 80): Friends? Nah!

Irish Poet William Butler Yeats was the architect of the quote “There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.” Today, it’s this very quote that has confused us today, we are rushing this whole relationship, there is no bondage with the people we meet. Because we just had a few drinks at the random bar, we are now tight friends and easily letting each other in. Yuck!

Guided by the school of thought that you need to create an even bigger circle if you’re to ever stand a chance of getting many connections in this life of hustles.Also, my nature of hustle (Communications) requires that I have as many networks, friends, acquaintances and smile for just about everyone who comes in the image of ‘Potential Client’ for me. Basically, I have to wear a lot of fake smiles lest I chase anyone away who may have good intentions.

But thing is, the term ‘Friend’ has been thrown around often and now it is just about this close to lose it’s right matter and meaning. It’s about to lose it’s value and weight all at once. Today, the person you just bought a drink last night is calling you a friend every when you bump into them. A lady you were nice to is calling you their friend and even asking for more favors.

A long time OB you just bumped into is assuming Friendship benefits and asking for favours with a level of entitlement that has never been seen before. Eish!

I get it, it’s easy to make friends and even easier to lose them lately, everyone that easily comes in, easily leaves without a sign. Before we know it, we are not talking anymore, we no longer hangout, we no longer text each other or even check on each other at all. We used to be close, tight, brothers but somehow, we turned into strangers. We turned into bypassers of each other and it’s pathetic!

Do we really have those many friends we claim and those who claim us are they really our friends. Can we count on each other if we ever needed each other to help in a situation? Or we are here for the drinks, the goodtime and the next turn plot.

Are we even growing each other for a better and stronger future or we are busy living the moment and whatever happens tomorrow will sort itself?

I really need to rethink who my friends are, i need to be able to look through my contact list and randomly call someone for help without being let down. I also need to know if i am a better friend, if i can help my friends when they need me. Not only buy them alcohol and take them out but also advice them every when they go astray. I need to also know who will be there for me when I need them. Friends? Nah!

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