100 Days of My Youth( Day 82): Stardom 💫

Another ray of hope shone upon our hustle, another leap towards even greater strides and levels swung by our way. See the Lord did it again for us and what we’ve rightfully worked hard for for over four years is starting to pay off and bear even more fruit. Faster than we thought, everything is falling into place.

A few years ago, me and three of my friends, united by the same school of thought and quest for a better digital space came together and started Fastlane Media & Communications; a digital media & marketing power house. We brought together our little knowledge on starting a company, our small finances and connections to start a journey to make a decent living for ourselves from what many shunned away from.

I, Maloba Joseph, Jude Mugabi, Ngobi Nicholas and later joined by Isaac Wandera Estone put our best feet forward and decided to face the odds that would make us or break us someday.

Despite the hurdles, the ups, the downs, the imperfections and the setbacks, we held each other(still do) in high esteem & respect & decided to venture into what we hoped for and wished to be the next big thing in digital marketing in Uganda. Our story is not yet complete but even then we feel the need every day to celebrate our small wins.

Each day that passes by, the pressure mounts, the expectations from those that believe in us soars, reality checks in, our lack of knowledge & experience often gets checked and challenged but nonetheless we carry on with our heads held up high.

Today, we had the opportunity to tell our story to the world, the fellas from Airtel Telecommunications made a stop at our offices and interviewed us on our hustle, our contributions to the digital space in Uganda, what makes us stand out and more.

This meant a lot to me and the team, it’s these little pieces that get us out there but most importantly it’s such small recognitions that will catapult us even further. The lord has us in formation to be what we truly cherish and are eyeing.

We’re just youths trying to make our way through, living in the digital era and trying to change the norm of employment and also create Jobs(gigs) for our fellow youths. Although we currently only employ one lady, we hope to expand the scope and provide as many opportunities for more folks.

Someday, we hope to look back on such small small efforts and ventures that fate threw in our paths that helped us grow into a big & respectable brand and be forever glad & grateful.

One day we wish & hope that a company will grow thanks to us and we shall proudly say that was the work of our hands & brains collectively. One day we shall sit down and narrate the journey to the Fastlane Media & Communications stardom with so much suave and pride!

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