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100 Days of My Youth (Day 84): My Hustles!

Every when I’m asked what exactly it is I do, I usually take a deep breath, think about just everything I’m currently struggling with in a bid to mint a coin in any way. I usually don’t directly answer this question directly like many youths out there these days.
What people expect to hear when they ask you such a thing is one direct answer like; “I’m an accountant with this organisation, a banker with this bank, a journalist with this media house, an assistant to so and so.

Well, lately every, when I’m slapped with such a question, whoever did, is up for one hell of a long response that they were not really ready for or one they expected. I am evoked and triggered to go all out to explain exactly it is what I do, how I do it and because I do quite a number of things, I always find myself talking a lot and doing so much explaining.
Sometimes when it’s really uncalled for or when the event or occasion requires me to say a particular hustle, I stick to that and put the others to rest.

Frankly, I do very many things, I hustle a lot and although the money can’t seem to come in as much as I want it to, I nonetheless continue to hustle. In the morning, I am seated by my desk burning my brain reading reports and getting facts to write articles & being the perfect communications lad, in the mid-morning, I am still writing content for social media pages that I manage, in the afternoon, I am writing tech content for another tech blog, in later evening, I am doing social media influencer work, in the evening, I am armed with my camera taking photos and assuming the photographer role and before I sleep, I being the natural blogger I’ve always wanted to be.

However, everything I do compliment the other in a way, they are not really far away from each other but each and every hustle requires its own set of attention, creativity and takes quality time to perfect but don’t ask me how, but I’ve managed to be at the top of my game at all. At least, Maybe!

I know I am not the only one, there are other like-minded and similar youths that are doing more than one hustle in a bid to live the life they desire and achieve the things they want to. It’s really hard to pull off such a thing, I must admit but if you need the money, if you need to pay the bills and being twice productive is the only way then you really need to adapt and soldier on.

Our hustles mould us, make us and prepare us for what lies ahead if we take them seriously. At some point, we may not have the energy, brains and time to pull this kind of lifestyle off. At that point, we may need to settle and focus on one thing hence leaving the rest go. When that time comes, we need to have reaped quite much, achieved and arrived at a point that shall give us smiles all the way.

Let’s Hustle folks! Even Harder than this for now is the time!

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