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100 Days of My Youth (Day 87): Don’t Get Carried Away!

Money seems near and yet so far, so much and yet actually so little. Every when you’ve held a lump sum of it, for some reason your brain stops running and thinking like it was before. Unless you’re a unique being, you’ll easily be carried away by the small upgrade that you get money wise.

If you were used to getting a certain amount of money and you start seeing an increase, chances are your lifestyle will change, the places you go to will change, the things that interest you will be different, the people that will be close to you will be of the same financial bracket and levels will surely switch lanes.

A few weeks ago, I was blesse with huge sums of money. After doing so much work and pay wasn’t instantly coming, it finally came through and at once and in huge sums. Everything was falling in place, dreams seemed to be coming through, lifestyles changed, egos inflated, swag shot up like the dollar rate against the Ugandan shilling, levels changed like the fuel prices and literally, it was for living like a Don I thought I was.

In a few days, we blew the money, showed up to the most deluxe restaurants and spent it all. Bought whatever pleases my eyes and soon like a fool, me and my hard earned money we’re parted. We no longer had each other and I was back to brokenness like as though I never had a coin in my life.

With so much Youth excitement, I got carried away. I got excited about having small money and I got delusioned into thinking I had a lot of it. I carried away by just how excited I was to get a major upgrade in my earnings. The bitter part settled in and I got wiser and broker too!

Don’t blame me, don’t judge me. When you’re finally broken free from a bondage of brokenness & poverty, the urge to enjoy the things you never had a chance to enjoy because you couldn’t afford them soars higher and the sense of self-control and financial discipline withers. It’s natural to humans!

See every when youths are broke, they think smart and wise, they have brilliant ideas and have the best visions. Once harnessed these ideas can turn and blossom into something amazing but just hand them a stack of money, these ideas fly through the window, storm through the doors and evaporate through the ventilators and off they’re gone.

Today, we’re easily carried away. When we see some small small level of achievement come out the hard work we’ve put in, we relax and slow down. He give up on the dreams we had and the energy we had from the start goes too. We slow ourselves down and simple let everything we’ve worked hard for simply go down the drain. When we attain a small degree of success, we forget about the bigger picture!

Easily, Youth always get carried away!

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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