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100 Days of My Youth(Day 88): Let’s Be Honest!

Yesterday I sent out a tweet asking my twitter followers & friends whether they would support me if I started a career writing Wikipedia pages and Bios for celebrities & companies.

As expected, many of my folks came through, chaps pledged their allegiance to stand by me through this plan.

Although many didn’t really know why & how they’d help, they just wanted to see me prosper maybe. Some gave me RTs because I seemed to need them or the tweet called for such.

That’s the energy today. That’s the vibe lately!

For a while now, I’ve seen Youths try out & venture into many fields that they hope could earn them a decent living someday. Some are genuinely passionate about whatever it is there venturing into while others are just there for the hype and flow with the slightest clue or idea about what’s going on.

At the end of the day, youths are always out there trying to realize themselves and what it is they can do best, don’t judge them!

Here’s the plot twist though, when I sent out the tweet, I was hoping I could get some real talk. In my pursuit, I hoped for someone to fall in my mentions and tell me just how it’s a tough thing to do, why it’s not a great idea to venture or even advise me on where best I could put my strengths. No one did, no one sat me down and gave me a divergent view and opinion.

I’m not ungrateful that I got all the support that was shoved my way but I’m worried that amidst all the love, no one had a divergent view. No one asked me why I wanted to venture into that and stop doing what I’ve been doing. No one was honest with me otherwise.

Every when we set out to do something, we only hope for the best, we only want to hear the good prospects and the positive anticipations as we start the journey to venture into a business. As Youths, oftentimes we don’t want to hear any criticism about our hustles, even if genuine, we don’t want to hear any divergent ideas about something we’re trying to do.

Understandably, it’s such a turn off, the faint-hearted are easily discouraged and those that are not tolerant with different views easily draw bad blood.

Usually, we’re immediately up in arms and bitter about someone who issued a negative comment about our hustle. We never bother to find out why, we never wonder why someone had that opinion of us or even our work, we simply react quickly without applying a deep thought and a thorough reasoning. It’s in our youthful nature.

However, let’s be honest to ourselves and our friends. Let’s learn to swallow the humble pie and take in criticism without a frown on our faces. It might not be right criticism or misguided feedback but let’s take it in anyway.

If you see your friend do something that won’t work out, if their blog is trash, if they’re trying to sing and their music is wack, tell them, be honest with them, advise them on how they can be better if they genuinely want to grow.

We really need to start being honest with each other before things get late. Feelings aside, we need to swallow as much of that criticism the same way we eat that love sent our way for some of it may be fake and the criticism maybe real and just!

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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