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100 Days Of My Youth(Day 90): Feels just like yesterday…

It all feels just like yesterday when we met on the social media ‘streets’. We were strangers to each other but for some reason we connected and bonded. Today, we’re more than friends and we’ve turned business partners & family. We simply just shared a joke or two, had a few talks about life and today we’re walking the talk, destined for greatness!

See it feels just like yesterday when we were so damn tight. We seemed inseparable, like Bonnie and Clyde, we were the perfect combo, an envy to many and the best match. Today, we no longer talk, moons pace by and no texts are exchanged. It feels like yesterday we were friends and today we’re totally strangers!

It feels just like yesterday we were telling each other our dreams and plans after we were finally out of University. The memories of our escapades at campus are still fresh & vivid like it were just weeks back but it’s been ages. We hoped that we would have the finest jobs, renting the classiest apartments, be dapper in the finest apparels but see us now. It’s a whole new unexpected vibe that we’re living.

It feels just like yesterday, we had a beer at the new bar in Naalya. We spoke of how we were going to start a business. We spoke of the plans we had to expand now that we’d gotten some money. However, you’re now gone. Six feet under, you lay lifeless. You’re not here with me to full fill these dreams that we had. Just yesterday, I was here with you, today you’re gone….with all our dreams!

It feels just like yesterday we were young, happy and with nothing to worry about. Everything was swift and smooth. All we ever cared about was to watch our favorite Tv show and look forward to dinner then sleep. Fast forward, here we are now, rocked by bills, adulting problems and life happening to us!

It all feels like yesterday, everything was happening perfectly as planned but today, it’s all going down the drain.

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