100 Days of My Youth (Day 91): Speak Up, Speak Out!

Let’s not sugarcoat life folks, it’s not the bed of roses we once hoped and wished it would be. The things we had in our minds, the portraits we had painted in our thoughts are far from existent. The life we had envisioned to live when were hit a certain age, from the look of things is one we shall never live!

It’s all messed up, frustration is the order of the day, depression is the course of our lives, even when we drink to our fill and lose our sense of wonder, sadness continues to rock our lives. We spend almost all our lives trying to prove to ourselves that we’re fine and yet deep down inside of us, everything is not fine. Peeps around us see vividly that something is wrong but we continue to insist on being fine. We’re filled with ego, we don’t want to be helped!

On the inside, it’s all battles, warships sailing through, anguish and cries while on the outside, it’s smiles, joys & a calm demeanour. It’s all hard to tell that you’re falling apart by just looking at you. It’s a good and bad thing but life has to move on anyway.

The pressures of life don’t seem to stop docking, knocking and kicking right through your door to remind you of many realities. It’s one hell of a race that doesn’t seem to come to end.

The thing with all this is you’ll see your friends move, grow, get bigger jobs, succeed and you’ll still be there where they left you. Damn!

Folks let’s start by not sugarcoating our tough situations. Let’s not sit on our issues at heart, let’s not sweep them right under the carpet rather let’s open up to someone, let’s speak out and be heard. Sharing with a trusted fellow helps a great deal to overcome issues that are at heart.

Talk to your folks, ask them for help, don’t be shy, keep the pride away, be heard and seek help. We can’t keep sitting on these things and continue to grapple with depression and sadness. It’s about time we reclaimed our happiness!

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