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100 Days Of My Youth(Day 92): Acceptance!

There are so many pressures that come with being an independent youth. There’s a lot looking at you, a bunch of responsibilities and at the very same time, you’re torn between living your life to the fullest and also coming off as a responsible adult.

While we may all grow at different paces and have rather different paths we’re leading, there’s a growing pressure to show that you’re indeed on the right path and everything is going on well. This gets worse when your friends are prospering, achieving the things you’re still dreaming of and you’re still where you were yesterday.

The mistakes you did as a naive fella are now coming back at you. If you messed around and got a kid, life becomes tough and you’re challenged to become the early dad you’ve never hoped you would. Everything starts crumbling on you, the friends you had started slowly drifting away, the family somehow becomes distant. Hope is lost, dreams are crushed at an early age. Before you know it, you’re disappointed, disgruntled and disgusted with your own life.

See you need to calm down, slow yourself down and simply make it a point to recover. You need to recover from whatever it is you’re going through and sometimes it’s your own self that holds the key.

If you have to give up a number of things to be a better person then you have got to. Drop your ego, accept what has happened and work towards making everything better. Appreciate your life the way it’s presented itself, go back to the drawing board and start all over again.

While society around you may seemingly mount pressure on you, make you feel inferior and a loser, you hold the might to let make you feel that way or not. Because you’re the master of your own destiny, you need to slow down, talk to yourself, reconcile with yourself and accept what has happened and work towards making yourself a better person again.

If you have life, you can still salvage just about anything you put your heart and mind to!

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