100 Days Of My Youth (Day 93): Reach Out

Do you ever randomly check on your friends and see if they’re doing fine or do you simply text them or call when you need something, a favour or some help?

Today a friend texted me and after we were done sharing our pleasantries I asked her what she wanted and she told I was simply checking on you. I was shocked, I looked at our chat agape and even laughed.

It was rare that someone did reach out just to check on me and how I’m doing. Yes, I do have friends who genuinely reach out to me and find out how I am but it’s a rare scene. Today was one of those scenes.

This got me thinking, are you really friends with your friends or they’re people who are in your life for a particular need and reason. Are they people your run to when you need a favour, want to ask about something or what to simply gossip. Do you ever sit by with your friends or text them and find out how they’re genuinely doing or you’re waiting for ‘where the next plot is’ kind of text and then you’ll know they’re okay?

While I’ve grown up believing that people who are constantly smiling, laughing are always happy, I’ve learnt to debunk that thought and see beyond their smiles and laughter.

Youths out there are actually hurting, they’re bleeding on inside and are simply putting up a show not to get you worried or concerned. Folks are going back home to their disgruntled lives and continue to ponder why the fuck they exist and continue to.

Challenge yourself today, reach out to your friends, find out how they’re doing and do so genuinely. You don’t know how far that can go for someone. People are battling issues and need to know someone out there is for them. Even if you don’t mean it, at least lie to them, check on them and ask for nothing. Remind your friends that they matter and they’re loved regardless of whatever happens.

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