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100 Days Of My Youth (Day 94): Thus Far

I do know how I got this far, vividly like it were yesterday, I do remember quite very well how I’ve managed to hang in there until this very day of consistent blogging and narration of my youthful escapades. Honestly, it’s has been partly to prove a point and to show people that doubted me that I can actually consistently document each and every day of my life on a daily, without fail.

When I set out to start, some of my friends doubted my ability to pull this off. They bluntly told me just how I wouldn’t make it this far and that sparked a muse in me, those words of doubt ignited a warrior in me to make it surely count and prove them wrong. Every when these words of doubt echoed inside of me, they reminded me just how I needed to keep going. They reminded me to look forward to each and every day and sign it off in style. Maybe I should be thanking my friends for doubting me, if they didn’t I wouldn’t have made it anyway or even had a reason to hang in there. Maybe!

Days in, 93 days ago, I churned out words, crafted stories, narrated ordeals, opened about my personal life, reflected upon my youth and jotted each and every day of my life. From the moment I knew this was therapy to me, this was a road I had to take, I knew there was no turning back, there was no backing out and during every dusk and dawn, my mind raced to think, create and jot.

I’ve made it thus far because of passion, perseverance, hunger, zeal to tell my youth story, the love to inspire, the urge to share and the joy to write. Even with a few days to reach the race, running this far has instilled pride in me, trust and courage to go depths and dare to challenge and to be challenged.

This will go down in my history, it will forever be a major win to me. I will look back on the typos, the grammatical errors that I left behind, the consistency in my narrations, the passion to tell my story and fucking be proud. I will look back on this energy that I invested in blogging for 100 days non-stop and I shall instantly be filled with joy and pride. Years to come, I will flip through the pages of these blogs and forever be grateful to have started this journey with the least idea where it would lead me.

Do I really need to implore you to also follow your dreams, challenge yourself or start something today? Yes, or maybe Nah! See it’s all within you; the ability to conquer whatever it is you start, the hunger to start, the courage to go on and on, and the urge to dare yourself. It’s entirely up to you man, to run your race and make sure to run it right till the very end!

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