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100 Days of My Youth (Day 98): We need to put up a fight!

No! You can’t keep acting like all is lost. You need to stop being disgruntled about your life. Drop that attitude, the one that drives your laziness, the one that kills creativity, shuts you down and out completely. The mindset that kills your self esteem, the kind that renders you useless.

You know what? You really need to put your shit together. You need to really start recovering from whatever it is that changed you, that put you off the course, whatever it is that broke your heart needs to be left behind.

I understand whatever it is you’re going through or what you went through is hard to comprehend, difficult to easily walk away from, impossible to forget but you need to try. You need to really try and work it out! We can’t keep sweeping all this right under the carpet forever!

In all this, you need to rise above all that’s weighing you down, challenge yourself today and choose to walk away from whatever it is that has continued to make you a retard, loser and junkie. You can choose to be a better person only if you make that decision today. I know it’s hard, it’s even fucking harder when nothing seems to make sense at all but you’ve got to try man.

Depression kills man, it puts you down, depletes your adrenaline, makes you feel worthless, invites anger in you, makes you share a bed with paranoia and for some reason drifts you far away from your ambitions and dreams.

It messes up with your mindset, kills your mood & hope and makes you a degenerate.

The only way you and I can be better youths tomorrow is if we can amicably pat each other on the back, hold one another’s hands and wage a war on this cancer before it preys on us all. We can if we put our thoughts and efforts to it.

Come on folks, we can and you can!

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