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100 Days Of My Youth(Day12): Hey Bro!

I don’t know if it’s me alone but every when someone starts a text or a call with “Hey Bro”, they immediately proceed to ask for a favor. Wait, it’s not me alone?

Every when I see this line…I prepare my body, mind and soul both mentally and physically to take in the next line…”I need a favor”. I even sit upright and get ready to say “I just sent the money to my mum”( it’s a lie I use a lot…look I’m not rich! Hehe)

The politeness with which someone starts their conversation, puts themselves in a vulnerable position and goes ahead to ask for a favor is something I see very often and I can’t seem to stop laughing every when it happens.

But in all this, there are different types of “Hey Bro’s” and while some maybe genuinely in the same Bro code as you are, there are some who are just Momental Bros.

There are different types of “Hey Bro’s”;

The ones who want Free Things!

These ones are likely the friends who take long to talk to you and when they know you’re well positioned to give them whatever they may need. The camp in your life just for that and they’ll show up at those times.

The ones who are your ‘clients’ and are also your ‘friends’.

There’s something about these ones. After giving you little money, they expect a lot from you and think they’ve given you a lot of money. When you complain, they start stammering….”But Bro, that is the available budget” nio nio. Basically these ones want Uptown services for downtown prices.

The ones who “tap drinks” in bars.

They don’t know which category they fall in. Whether they’re your friends or not but one thing is they know you and somehow, you’ve seen them around. They’ll constantly ask for drinks in the bar or even serve themselves some whiskey from your table on a random day in the bar as they shamelessly smile. I’ve seen them!

The ones who can’t fund their habits.

“Hey, Bro…can you help me with a cigarette?”. They smoke but have never walked into a bar with their own cigarette pack. They do things knowing their have someone they’ll run to when things backfire and start with…”Hey Bro”. They also come in bars when they’re not financially well and are busy encroaching on people’s budgets. They ask for a drink or two. I honestly never go to the bar if I’m broke. I just stay home. Simple!

The ones who only Show Up when they’re in a Mess!

First of all, it’s a rare scene to see these ones ever return a favor. However, they’ll be the first to run your way when they need one. They’ll literally beg and beg to be helped but after their mess is done, you’ll never see them until they get into another. “Hey Bro”

The ones who curve you!

I won’t go deep into this one but there are ladies you may think you’re in a romantic relationship with until they address you as “Hey Bro”. Like they say, the rest is history

I don’t know about the girl youth and their circles but there’s one thing the boy Youth has something within their circles and it’s something related to being entitled.

I can’t blame me and the rest for falling prey. We have some genuine “Hey Bro’s” that do deserve our attention and positive response. There are your friends who you’ll put an arm for when they texted “Hey Bro” and you’ll rush to their rescue without question. However, not every “Hey Bro” needs to responded to with positivity. Sometimes it’s too much! Sometimes people need to be faced with reality…like..”Hey Bro, you’re on your own this time” and maybe they can learn.

Some youths have deliberately refused to style up and grow both in behavior and mind. They still do the most random childish things. They sit back and fold their arms and expect people around them to do things for them.

You share opportunities with them but they are too lazy to make a thing for themselves. They want the soft life but are not willing to work extra hard for it and they turn out to be a pain in the ass.

Some youths my age want the dopest things earth has ever given us but don’t want to go through the hustle to get them. It’s appalling btw and it’s not funny anymore.

This “Hey Bro” thing when you want to pay small money for big things, when you always want a favor but never return one, when you feel entitled, when you are telling lies, when you don’t want to pay your debts must in all honesty stop!

Youth should be a savings bank. ~ Sophie Swetchine

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