I feel a lock of grey hair on my head, a dent in my tooth, a mild herniated disc in my back, an ache in my bones, a pull in my muscles, an ageing in my brain, a sag in my buttocks and a Year Older.

Today, I make 23years of Age!

I can sit here and narrate to you like you’re a couple of grandchildren surrounding the candle light covered by a blanket of darkness outside grandmother’s Hut while you busk in stories of fiction and history.

But Nah, that’s not sassy and bubbly anymore to sit by and waste a few minutes of your Wi-Fi moments when you have to run quickly and see what my 18th lesson is. You may wonder if it’s the time I’ll say, I lost my virginity or had my first kiss. Maybe that’s there too.

My life’s lessons? Maan.. Lemme give you a story of my life. It’s my birthday right? So I can say what I want.….right?

Forget it.

Here, life has grabbed me by the balls and has given me lemons now I live by the lemonades I decided to make and every sip counts!

Of more than just being on earth.

  1. Life is real, tough and can be a bitch sometimes
  2. Respect God, your mum and dad
  3. Pineapples on Pizza is the world’s worst invention
  4. I get Four Heartbreaks at every attempt of love every year but I’m still here. Arsenal is always among them
  5. Hardwork Pays! Could take forever to pay your dues but it shall someday pay you, just relax and work harder or a little smarter.
  6. Make Friends. Even if you don’t need them, make them. You don’t know when you’ll need them. And also, people move on... You have to get used to it!
  7. Whatever you do, be Happy!
  8. Life can Humble you.
  9. Guinness is the best thing to ever happen on planet earth.
  10. Be Humble
  11. Prayer is Powerful. Try it. Just pray and you’ll see!
  12. Memes are Life! What was life like without memes?
  13. You can be what you want to be. You just have to set your sights to it.
  14. Education is the most overrated philosophy
  15. Passion. Patience. Perseverance and Prayer are a MAJOR KEY 🔑
  16. Treat everyone with respect. You don’t know what they’ve gone through to be where they are.
  17. Ssenkubuge Kenneth is my best friend!
  18. You can come out of the friend zone if you want. Just walk away, simple!
  19. Yagaliza Muno!
  20. Unemployment is Real. The connections you make will someday help you over come this.
  21. Relationships are a Trap and you’ll never know what babes want
  22. I’ll be great someday. I tell myself this every morning when I wake up
  23. I’ll retire at the age of 27years. It’s possible!

A toast to more, a toast to life!

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