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This is it! Where it all ends and starts.

Could this be it? Is this what they said would be the endgame? Is this where all our efforts stop? Can we now have our lives back? Can everything now get back to normal? Can we now go out with our mates for a couple of drinks without carrying a lot of uncertainties on our backs? Can life be what it was again?

Maybe, maybe not.

I get the feeling that I am not the only one who has no idea how he got here, how we combed through the months so darned fast to this avenue, how time flew…

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The bullies have made it seem a great thing but it’s not

At a certain point in your life, it may not have occurred to you that it could have been due to peer pressure, FOMO, work policies, or curiosity that led you to a social media platform.

How you got there isn’t much of a big deal and you were probably delighted like I was at just how much of an inexpensive communication tool social media was at first use.

Fast-forward, you now detest it and are really considering not only limiting your time there but completely deleting your life off social media. …

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No one deserves that payment

Most freelancers I have interfaced with always feel blessed to be doing what they truly love and to turn their passions into an income-generating venture to achieve a decent livelihood for themselves.

The perks that come with being a freelancer are really desirable; Working from the comfort of your couch, at your own pace, or choosing which client you want to work for and not.

However, what no one really prepares you for is just how boldly people, companies, and organizations expect you to easily work for free or pay you in ‘exposure’.

When I was starting out as a…

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Buckle Up! It’s one hell of a process

Where I come from, somewhere in Africa, writing as a full-time form of employment is not really “a thing” unless you’re a journalist( or wannabe) of sorts hustling with a blog hoping to land some advertisers or some ‘Google money’.

What I am trying to really say is it’s a tight race trying to make a living as a full-time writer ‘these ends’ and you have to do thousands of things and write hundreds of blogs to earn a decent living and speak with authority about living life.

One evening in December as I reflected on how 2018 had been…

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You’re going to have to do more than just writing

Before the virus started ripping the world apart, prompting countries to announce lockdowns, companies to partially suspend operations, and disrupting work generally, everything about 2020 seemed clear and we had all our plans straight and just how we wanted to progress with our lives.

I had great plans until the coronavirus happened and I know there’s many of us out there but everything has seemingly gone out the window in a heartbeat. …

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Waking up every morning to scribble words, churn out sentences, and complete articles that make sense to someone is quite cumbersome and also thrilling at the same time. It’s always a tough bet when there’s not really any form of motivation to it that gets you writing all the time.

In fact, if you are not getting a dime from it, it’s very easy to procrastinate or even quit.

There are troves of questions I always ask myself on a daily basis that either remind me that this( writing) is my…

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The Bad and Ugly and the Good.

As the coronavirus pandemic ravages on, it’s very hard to steer away from the horrid situation it has bestowed upon the face of the earth. From countries going into total lockdowns which may last till 2021, a forecast on hefty losses due to a long-term closure of business to an impending blow to economies across the globe.

It’s hard for one not to brood at the crisis.

COVID-19 has brewed anxiousness and brought distress into the lives of billions of people around the world. …

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Saving; Yay or Nay?

Saving is strenuous. I see it as a deliberate resolve by people to starve themselves for today in order to wildly enjoy tomorrow and to be honest, I just wasn’t cut from that cloth.

For the poor who live day-by-day and do not have much disposable income, saving is a luxury, a myth and a sale that’s never going to happen.

High chances are a huge chunk of your paycheck goes to bills, black tax, daily operational costs like food and for some reason, it’s not enough to drive some through until my next. …

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Create a life you love

Moons ago, when we all joined the new wave of social media, we were left fascinated by how we instantly shared updates and our friends (and people we didn’t know) left a warm comment for us to smile & giggle. We were amazed at how we smoothly connected, communicated and coordinated.

When you take a minute to listen or read about some of the different founders of the social media platforms that we’re so glued to, you’ll notice something in common about their agendas behind creating these platforms — Sharing, easing communication and connecting.

″Ten years ago, you know…

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Spoiler Alert: It’s not a bed of roses!

From when I was exiting my adolescence days, I envied and admired people that lived that life — working from home.

I’ve always cherished waking up and walking around in my boxers in the comfort of my home, doing my work on my laptop without having to hustle with beating jam or waking up early to the annoying sound of an alarm reminding me that I have to clock-in by 9 am ( No shade to the folks that are doing this but I know it sucks, sometimes.)

About a decade ago, I got what I always wanted &…

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