Allow Yourself to Heal

It’s one hell of a process but you’ve got to.

5 min readFeb 6, 2020


It ended in tears, right?

Chances are whoever is reading has been through an unpleasant phase of their lives that they detest to date and any mere thought of it evokes a sense of anguish within.

You’re not alone, it’s many of us here, me too.

Whatever it was, it broke you, it tore you apart and ripped your everything wide open.

Gosh, it hurts so bad and it’s left you cursing, a bitter mortal and a has left a taint on your heart.

Was it a relationship? A friendship went down the drain? A betrayal? A promise that never came true? A failed business?

If you are reading this far and have been a victim of heartbreak, congratulations, you didn’t die and there’s still some great amount of hope.

Come on, let’s all heal.

Every time your actions are indirectly or directly influenced by past events that left you hurt and wounded, then you’ve not yet moved on nor healed from…



Enywaru Pius

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