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If you are always the one complaining to someone how they have seemingly forgotten about you and you are the one who has to always remind them that you still exist in their lives, then it’s only obvious you are simply forcing your way inside.

The sad bit about this all is….If you’re not adding value or bringing anything to someone’s life, if they are not benefiting anything from you in one way or the other and don’t see a possibility of it in the near future, then its only fair you slowly and silently eliminate yourself from their life and both of you be at peace.

Not in a bad way though! Don’t hate someone because they don’t want to associate with you or feel excited with you around or in their lives. That’s life! You need to surround yourself with folks that understand you, can tolerate you, help you, check on you constantly as much as you do check on them.

If you send out a voice and get an echo, that can only mean you are all alone in a hall most times. If life ever presents itself to be that way, you need to pause, think and decide on what next.

Life can only be better if you are around people that prosper while you also prosper. If you around people that are prospering and you are not, LEAVE, FIND YOURSELF and MOVE ON!

Work for the best, these people that were never there for you when everything seemed like you were forcing yourself onto them will eventually recognize you, call you to their plans, often check on you and want to sit with you on the same table to discuss life. Take it as a lesson, don’t grudge with them.

Ever wondered why you a tweep with only 200 followers tweets sense and no one seems to pay attention but a tweep with over 10k tweets nonsense and attracts so much attention? Well it’s because they were once like you, studied the art and are now seemingly up there. Take life to be that way and work for a better tomorrow.

And Damn, don’t forget to Pray! He reigns, provides and gives! The Lord Does.

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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