In Your Sleep, I miss you. I miss to tell you how beautiful you are and how lovely your lips are. While you are in your sleep, I can’t wait for you to wake up from your sleep.

In your sleep, I misbehave and slide my hands through your long curly hair as I hymn to the lovely tunes of ‘Let Your Hair Down’. In your sleep, I want you to silently wake up and feel my hands suddenly.

You glow, you shine, you glitter while in your sleep. I can’t help stealing glances. Like a creepy wacko, I stand there ogling at how pretty you are in your sleep.

In your sleep, I envision me there. I envision us making them envious. I see myself and you walking hand in hand after the movie night. While you are In your sleep, I miss You. I miss us!

In the morning when you wake up, when the sun rays kiss your tender lovely face, when you wear that instant smile when our eyes meet, I want to fuck you back to Sleep!


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