Stop Listening To Motivational Speakers

There was a moment in my millennial life I felt less motivated to work, to go on with being the entrepreneur I always cherished to be( At happens to all that are starting out). Even when I had everything in control, nothing seemed to cheer me up to go to work daily and come back a happy fella.

I was low on mood, I felt I needed to hear someone remind me on a daily that; ‘Listen, You’ve got this’. I often hit rock-bottom, the urge to give up always occurred to me and it was clear I needed motivation.

In my pursuit for motivation, I often watched and listened to motivational speakers who were accomplished in the line of what I was trying to achieve. I hoped that I would one day emulate them and build my company from scratch and climb the ladder of success by simply listening to what they had to say and following their formulae.

Well, I was wrong!

Even when I often made plans to hit the gym to rigorously work on a weight-loss agenda, I did everything to inspire myself and yes, I watched training videos on YouTube but all those hours burnt looking for inspiration never amounted to anything useful for me.

In all those efforts, I only learned lessons, those that I share today.

Motivation is Beyond Just Words

When motivational speakers start talking, it’s such a marvel to watch & listen to. The eloquence with which they articulate their & stories is out of this world, the mastery with which they drive their points home will leave you in total astonishment, their words will evoke the most feelings & thoughts of encouragement.

You’ve got to really give it up to them for that.

I have been there a couple of times, I’ve watched those YouTube videos, listened to those amazing podcasts and I’ve read their books too. Every time I did those, I promised to go do something for myself and work something out but it was as though I was living life in a boomerang. Every when I couldn’t find any motivation, I returned to the videos hoping to fuel my motivation more and more. And yes! Time was always wasted & nothing was done.

From that day, I realized that motivation is beyond just watching motivational speakers spewing quotes and inspirations lines and stories. Watching these only gave me a temporary thrust of endorphins and it made me realize that the motivational videos, books, and podcasts couldn’t quench my endless thirst for motivation.

Words aren’t simply enough to motivate you if your lack of motivation is because of a problem mere words can’t solve which most motivational speakers only have to offer. If it’s money you need, no amount of words are going to change that but more course of actions — maybe.

Be Your Own Motivation

Okay, you’ve read all those stories, streamed hours of YouTube videos, listened to podcasts stuffed with motivational stories and then what? What next after doing all these?

When you get back to talking to yourself, you are going to realize that you will forever be your own motivation and you’ll tire running back and forth looking for motivational speakers to ‘give you motivation’. The earlier you act upon this, the more time you will save to catapult yourself to a better position and nothing beats that.

To be your own motivation, you are going to have to face your fears and also accept that it’s only yourself that knows what you really want in life and the resolve to achieve anything truly lies within you. Realizing this sooner will instill an everlasting spirit of motivation backed by passion, persistence, patience and expansive energy without needing external validation.

Frankly, you hold the resolve to become whoever you want to be and it’s only your fears & doubts holding you back. It’s okay to listen to other people to compare notes and get different perspectives, especially those who have made it in life but don’t forget who the vision bearer is — -you!

If It worked for them, Will it Work For You?

When we listen attentively to motivational speakers, we are either looking to emulate their ‘secrets’ and ultimately ‘be like them’ which shouldn’t be the case. Whereas the idea worked for them, there’s no proven test that it will work for you.

Most motivational speakers operate under the assumption that a strategy will work for you because it worked for them and this is wrong because strategies and solutions will always change based on the person, environment and problem.

Interestingly, none of them ever paints the ugly picture of telling you the dirt they had to do, the uncouth plans they had to partake to get to where they are. It’s under rare circumstances that many motivational speakers speak out about their ill misdeeds in case there are any. They’ll tell you what you want to hear and they’ll craft it so well that it will stick in your mind like a melody.

In an attempt to seek for motivation, it’s not right to administer motivation through mandating. Most of the knowledge and points that motivational speakers believe are vital revolve around speaking, thinking, and acting like themselves and they could be detached from the problems you face on a daily basis. It’s more like “do as I do and you too will succeed” which is not right.

While describing Why Most Motivational Speakers Are Dead Wrong, Bobby Hoffman critiqued;

Mandating motivation is one of the seven worst mistakes leaders make in their attempt to motivate a workforce. Personal motivation cannot be authorized by others unless the person who is trying to motivate you has the same unique experiences, beliefs, and opportunities as you — -a logistical and scientific impossibility. Further, people who follow a prescriptive formula from others lose motivational power and thinking independence.

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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