The 31st Avenue

This is it! Where it all ends and starts.

Enywaru Pius
3 min readDec 31, 2020


Could this be it? Is this what they said would be the endgame? Is this where all our efforts stop? Can we now have our lives back? Can everything now get back to normal? Can we now go out with our mates for a couple of drinks without carrying a lot of uncertainties on our backs? Can life be what it was again?

Maybe, maybe not.

I get the feeling that I am not the only one who has no idea how he got here, how we combed through the months so darned fast to this avenue, how time flew past us and now we’ve found ourselves on the 31st floor. Also, I can’t be the only one who is grateful to be at this position, with a view.

Needless to say, we are here, on 31st December in a year that decided to show mankind that all it deserved was to kiss her arse. A year that was meant to be ‘the year’ for many and yet turned out to be a year for none of those that were ‘ready’.

Whatever this year has thrown at us, it has surely morphed into something we shall all live to tell and never forget. When we eventually retire to where we truly find our heart’s peace, we shall individually look back on the year that had us thinking twice as hard, on the tough decisions we had to make, on just how life came at us pretty fast. Most importantly, we shall be prouder of our courage then.

‘Part of the Journey is the End’ — Tony Stark

Tomorrow, when a sense of a new beginning dawns upon us, when we immerse ourselves in the ambience of celebrations to welcome the new year, in a moment, we can only wish it comes with hope, new beginnings, strength and the might to keep going harder again. We shall wear the optimism badge with nothing but honour.

Making it here, on December 31st is a win itself. Surviving the year, the ups and downs, the storm, a pandemic..yeah a f**king pandemic, a financial crisis, trauma, divorce and just about anything that made you feel a loser isn’t one to simply shy away from, it’s a whole achievement.

This year, like her predecessors, came( and is seemingly going, hang in there buddy!) with its own fair share of experiences. Some won, some lost, some lived, some gave up, some died, some hang in there, some…



Enywaru Pius

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