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Till we meet again, Sleep Well Leticia

Why her, why did she have to leave a bright future behind. I want to sit here and ask a zillion questions and demand for answers but that is a waste of time. You are now six feet under, motionless, lifeless and helpless. This is sad and horrible, I am still Numb and can’t believe you are gone!

You left your friends behind, you were loved, you were cherished and each day that passed by, you forever became a gem in someone’s life. Your parents will feel the void that your sudden departure brought upon them. Your family will forever miss your voice bellowing from the walls as you have a hearty laugh. Your friends will forever miss hanging out with and sharing moments of sorrow and joy with you.

You often showed up in my inbox and asked me if I was okay. You respected me and liked having a fun filled time with me. I was your usual quick laugh friend and now, I can’t even have that laugh with you again. I openly shared with you whatever was on my mind and gladly gave you straight answers every when you had a burning questions. We were Jolly, fuck! Why did it have to be you? This is fucked up! I miss you.

We had plans!

And Hilda your friend? What about her. That lady loved you. What does she do now that you are gone? Through you, I met her and we shared something special. What happens now that you are gone.

Can I ask you something Leticia?

Can you please bless her? Can you please be her guardian angel and give her strength? Please!

I am writing this for you in sorrow and agony.

To jot this down and to eulogize you, I first had too much to drink, I’m sorry. I was weak! I was fucking losing my mind.

I feel like soaking my laptop in tears but that won’t bring you back. Did you have to leave unannounced? Did it have to be now? Did it have to be at a point when someone needed you around? Who the fuck am I even asking these questions and who do I expect the damn answers from.

I want to shut up and go about with my life and act like all this shit is a lie, that one day, we shall have Ice cream and laugh as we go to the movies. I see us stopping by the cafeteria and having a little argument on whether the popcorns should be spicy or not and then after a little frown on your pretty face, I let you win and we take the ones that are not.

I see us going for chicken and you take all the big pieces and then joking how you want to grow weight and rival me. This is what I shall forever miss when you were taken. This shall never be because you are six feet under and I am still here with nothing to do about it. I miss you Leticia. I fucking Miss You. This is unfair. This is not in any way fucking fair.

I cherished you. I loved you. I often told you that you were my good friend and how you mattered to your friends. You shall be missed. Even if you lie six feet under, your soul is in a better place, you laugh with the angels right now for they got their own return to them. I want to thank you for being such an amazing being without dragging my feet. You were and forever shall be a darling. Maybe it now all makes sense…you were an angel now you have gone back to meet your fellow angels. You were such and amazing soul and your friends attest to that. May the Lord bless your soul, protect your family and make them strong. In these hard times, may your friends be strong in spirit and forever celebrate the memories they shared with you.

Sleep Well Leticia Nakatono. Till we meet again!

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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