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A Relaxing Pen!

#UGBlogWeek: We are seated on Our Pens

Sitting on your pen is not really something that has a direct translation to the actual act of ‘sitting on your pen’ like say, “Hey you are seated on my Pen” or ‘Btw you sat on my pen and I was looking for it all this while”. No it’s not.

It’s more like our term (by “Our”, I mean we writers) when we politely want to lure some of our awesome writers to write again and grace us with some really amazing diction and great stories. It’s a more diverse term that is there to sort off make us feel like we need to rejuvenate ourselves and get to write again. You get it now? Okay. Cool.

Writing is like a Bug that bites you and just doesn’t leave you the same. Armed with passion and vigor you want to go on and on. You want to write everything you see around you. In you, the candle of storytelling glows and it keeps burning inside of you.

You want to write about the evening walk you had from office to the ice cream parlor with your friends… want to write about the heartbreak that you saw coming but tried to avoid… want to spew your emotions over a relationship that you visioned would be beautiful but didn’t last…..You want to go haywire on the keys but just can’t and it’s not a bad thing. It’s not. On the contrary it’s the amazing virus we need in storytelling. The art of appreciating niche, abiding by it and nurturing it overtime into something that identifies you or sets you apart.

We can choose to sit here all day and whine about what happened to our writing, our writers and our community of amazing writers. Is it the money that caused the loss of focus and passion along the way. Is it the Internet? Or could it be the dying urge to watch the next episode of Game of Thrones that you can’t spare a few hours to jot something for your nearly defunct Blog. Are we even still reading? What could be the problem that has had you sit on your pen?

I want to think that we have chosen to “sit on our pens” (me inclusive) because we are not sure which road we want to take when it comes to this storytelling venture. At the crossroads, we are challenged to take a road and here we are often times lost on which one to take. We are at a point where we are lost of choice and yet again have no choice or decision to take at all. It’s damn confusing at some point. Don’t blame me, i won’t blame you either.

But all hope is not lost. I refuse to see a time when writing and storytelling has died out. Never! I see myself at a really big library fully stocked with books and amazing writers having a little hearty laughter over coffee. I see the great ability of young bloggers writing so much content and making it a jolly trend to read a myriad of stories online.

In the not so far future, we shall see the potential and power of online blogging take a stand and become a marque in the art of storytelling. Soon, we shall all be able to filter what is right, creative, articulate, the fake news and what was copy and paste. We shall have the art to tell a writer by their niche and on the scene now, we already can.

Are you seated on your Pen? Well it’s time to pick it up, clean it and let the fingers start doing the magic. Stories, tales, poems, fictions all need to be written and told, and if you keep sitting on your pen, they won’t write themselves. So folks, shall we?

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