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What If Social Media didn’t exist during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The Bad and Ugly and the Good.

Enywaru Pius
5 min readMar 26, 2020


As the coronavirus pandemic ravages on, it’s very hard to steer away from the horrid situation it has bestowed upon the face of the earth. From countries going into total lockdowns which may last till 2021, a forecast on hefty losses due to a long-term closure of business to an impending blow to economies across the globe.

It’s hard for one not to brood at the crisis.

COVID-19 has brewed anxiousness and brought distress into the lives of billions of people around the world. As all of this goes on, social media has continued to play a vital role in keeping the world informed about the extent and seriousness of the pandemic.

As the world continues to practice social distancing and self-isolation as advised by the World Health Organisation and governments, it has not stopped us from connecting and sharing online more than ever.

Social media companies say that the usage growth since the COVID-19 outbreak is unprecedented across the industry, and they’re are experiencing new records in usage almost every day.

Facebook reports that in many of the countries hit hardest by the virus, total messaging has increased more than 50% over the last month and voice and video calls have more than doubled on Messenger and WhatsApp.

While I did my due diligence in practising social distancing, my curiosity drove me into wondering what it would be like if there was no social media during these tough times. What would it have been like if we didn’t have an idea or clue about what we were dealing with and now that we have social media what has it helped?

Here are my thoughts.

The Bad & Ugly

In the midst of the pandemic and it’s rapid spread across the globe lies a big problem before us. The spread of information is faster than COVID-19 itself; From conspiracy theories, a vile pile of truths and lies, sensational reporting about the situation by both reputable and louche media houses and journalists, the masses that have taken to social media to share unfiltered information at the speed of light leaving the world at the edge.



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